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Cyans Canty Uncoy Cyton Cutty Cyano Carny Crony Curly Octyl Cloys Catty Scary Corny Saucy Cooly Yucas Lycra Clary Acyls Clays Scaly Coaly Rayon Truly Surly Yarns Atony Lusty Salty Stony Lyart Aryls Slaty Yourn Toyon Yurts Rutty Lytta Antsy Loony Sonly Tasty Ratty Tarty Yurta Saury Trays Artsy Satyr Stray Tansy Unsay Yuans Nasty Runty Lousy Tryst Natty Story Stroy Loury Aunty Unary Rusty Nutty Royal Unlay Yulan Rooty Yours Tyros Troys Sooty Nutsy Toyos Ryots Onlay Uncos Count Clons Coons Taroc Coals Colas Conto Corns Scart Carts Coats Costa Arcus Scaur Carls Acorn Curst Crust Conus Cotta Tacos Scout Narco Actor Colon Scatt Scuta Ascot Tacts Scorn Torcs Cornu Racon Tract Coast Scour Court Octal Talcs Curls Curns Colts Color Cults Clots Locus Cauls Carol Clout Coral Scant Cants Carns Coots Narcs Canst Cloot Clast Canso Cunts Canto Cotan Orcas Cools Locos Clans Claro Octan Calos Croon Clour Scoot Tours Torts Stour Torus Routs Roust Trots Turns Sotol Lotos Loots Lunts Stool Tools Lours Rotls Lotto Nurls Solon Orlon Snool Nolos Loons Lotus Louts Rotos Roots Roost Stunt Toros Ottos Torot Torso Trout Tutor Toons Snoot Tolus Snort Snout Runts Tonus Toots Roast Trust Ratos Rotas Altos Taunt Tunas Tolas Lotas Sorta Taros Tarot Torta Ulans Ottar Ulnas Tolar Solar Orals Aunts Sonar Trona Santo Tanto Roans Arson Talus Sault Tauon Sural Total Trans Tarns Rants Ultra Loran Lunas Toras Loans Salon Solan Touts Snarl Tonal Start Talon Notal Tolan Sutta Tarts Sutra Tauts Stout Ulnar Sturt Slant Autos Stoat Toast Strut Lunar

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Definition of the word Consultatory, Meaning of Consultatory word :
a. - Formed by, or resulting from, consultation, advisory.

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