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There are total 14 letters in Confidentially, Starting with C and ending with Y.

Confidentially is a scrabble word? Yes (23 Points) Confidentially has worth 23 Scrabble points.

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8 Letter word, Total 91 words found made out of Confidentially

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Codify Citify Deftly Fondly Flyted Flayed Daftly Deafly Nidify Cloyed Dioecy Liefly Idiocy Coldly Flatly Floaty Clayed Deific Acidly Finely Felony Fealty Featly Flinty Notify Coifed Dactyl Cyanid Nicely Nicety Cyanin Lacily Infect Canyon Facile Fecial Fiance Acetyl Falcon Flacon Confit Incony Dynein Adenyl Enfold Fondle Foetid Foined Lofted Tidily Infold Fantod Fanned Daylit Dainty Noyade Flited Foiled Filled Afield Fadein Loafed Finned Failed Lifted Foaled Lanely Fillet Codlin Coined Codein Neatly Finito Lately Lealty Coedit Finale Folate Docent Foetal Finite Fallen Fetial Conned Cloned Indict Delict Teflon Lineny Ninety Lenity Litany Aliyot Tannoy Olefin Lonely Deltic Finial Docile Infill Anyone Filial Infall Citied Nonfat Fontal Infant Fanion Coiled Leanly Anodic Coated Decant Dacoit Canoed Faille Canted Cadent Deacon Acnode Tinily Colead Codeia Lanced Cnidae Called Coaled Talced Candle Dacite Oilily Canned Ancone Locate Cantle Incite Cental Lancet Clinal Cation Canton Centai Enatic Locale Action Niacin Cannel Callet Elicit Atonic Italic Conine Noetic Incent Citole Client Lentic Notice Collie Ocelli Nocent Octane Collet Enolic Cineol Catlin Tincal Acetin Oilcan Incant Coital Citola Clonal Inlace Atelic Canine Aeonic Tannic Encina Cannie Cannot Alnico Lectin Lilted Nilled Tilled Linden Dentil Indole Tineid Indite Iodine Lilied Linted Toiled Tendon Indent Dentin Intend Tinned Tolled Dental Nidate Loaned Detain Detail Eidola Tailed Iodate Ladino Inland Inlaid Dilate Atoned Donate Tanned Allied Denial Nailed Alined Dalton Tolane Entail Lineal Lienal Taille Telial Lintol Tenail Eolian Tineal Innate Eonian Etalon Niello Intine Lentil Iolite Illite Nation Nielli Intone Anilin Anoint Entoil Online Talion Latino Linnet Lintel

5 Letter word, Total 282 words found made out of Confidentially

Fancy Edify Deify Fayed Folly Lofty Nifty Finny Fitly Leafy Coyed Filly Fanny Fatly Foley Flyte Lefty Fenny Dicty Decoy Dicey Felly Acidy Yclad Candy Decaf Faced Decay Ficin Calif Folic Yince Finca Clift Cleft Coney Focal Lytic Coaly Yonic Lycea Nancy Canny Cyano Canty Icily Colly Facet Fecal Octyl Lacey Cyton Dilly Idyll Doyen Tyned Lindy Toyed Filed Flied Field Felid Delft Fined Fetid Fiend Dynel Odyle Yodel Yodle Delly Yield Deity Dolly Doily Leady Daily Layed Fated Delay Defat Today Toady Dally Layin Nonyl Laity Nylon Dicot Fetal Fille Liney Inlay Annoy Anyon Feint Felon Atony Dolci Elfin Filet Flite Alloy Fella Loyal Often Onlay Iodic Tally Tolyl Edict Coled Cited Acted Yenta Cadet Toney Fillo Linty Dance Coted Noily Coned Flint Dolce Acned Coden Caned Alley Alcid Decal Clade Faint Canid Tinny Aloft Fanon Float Flota Laced Folia Acold Dicta Nelly Cnida Telly Final Octad Flail Nicad Celli Ceili Acini Cline Tical Lilac Linac Ileac Enact Oncet Conte Ocean Canoe Eclat Nance Cento Nonce Iliac Telic Cilia Cello Telco Clone Cleat Licit Clean Cella Lance Tonic Colin Ionic Nicol Lotic Ontic Conin Oleic Actin Octal Ancon Octan Canto Canon Coati Antic Local Cotan Oidia Indie Teiid Iliad Allod Donne Tondi Toled Aldol Noted Idiot Iodin Donna Dotal Toned Nodal Indol Olden Tidal Tilde Tiled Oldie Oiled Lined Nidal Nitid Danio Inned Anted Loden Tined Teind Delta Ideal Ailed Eland Ladle Laden Naled Dealt Lated Anode Tonne Tenon Inion Niton Nonet Linen Lento Eloin Linin Teloi Elint Inlet Toile Olein Llano Tonal Anent Tolan Talon Atoll Ilial Notal Atone Oaten Allot Aioli Entia Inane Telia Liane Tenia Tinea Alone Anole Aloin Litai Elain Anion Leant Laten Ileal Anile Aline Alien

4 Letter word, Total 296 words found made out of Confidentially

3 Letter word, Total 132 words found made out of Confidentially

2 Letter word, Total 38 words found made out of Confidentially

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Definition of the word Confidentially, Meaning of Confidentially word :
adv. - In confidence, in reliance on secrecy.

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In Confidentially C is 3rd, O is 15th, N is 14th, F is 6th, I is 9th, D is 4th, E is 5th, T is 20th, A is 1st, L is 12th, Y is 25th letters in Alphabet Series.