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Advect Device Voiced Advice Active Evince Covins Cavies Vesica Ovisac Vincas Covens Evicts Civets Novice Avocet Octave Voices Covets Staved Viseed Devise Endive Devein Envied Veined Sieved Divest Davits Nevoid Evited Viands Avoids Divans Deaves Evades Visaed Davies Advise Dovens Invade Dative Advent Davens Vadose Vanned Devest Vested Divots Devote Videos Vented Devons Vetoed Coedit Novena Encode Soviet Native Navies Naives Savine Cosied Codeia Second Cnidae Codens Evites Events Decent Venose Invent Ovines Envois Docent Vetoes Nieves Ceased Coined Venins Cisted Codein Avions Edicts Avoset Costed Conned Dicots Veenas Censed Envies Edenic Cadent Dances Canted Decant Coated Ascend Deacon Dacite Canned Acnode Canoed Cadets Octads Dicast Anodic Canids Nicads Dacoit Invest Deices Venine Deceit Decane Canine Entice Nieces Seance Seneca Cetane Conins Encase Tenace Coatee Tocsin Tonics Cannie Incant Stance Incest Secant Enacts Costae Insect Cestoi Nicest Tannic Casino Scotia Coatis Cantos Canons Canton Contes Centos Cotans Nastic Atonic Action Octans Cation Nocent Antics Actins Nonces Encina Centai Acetin Conine Enatic Cenote Aeonic Cannot Casein Incase Centas Noetic Canoes Ancone Oceans Ascent Octane Notice Nances Oscine Incent Conies Cosine Icones Todies Denies Indene Dienes Seined Donnee Endite Neoned Donees Donsie Tinned Noised Onside Teinds Intend Indent Nested Denote Tensed Sinned Dentin Aedine Ideate Staned Ennead Iodate Nidate Tanned Danios Donate Atoned Anodes Adonis Detain Donnas Anteed Teased Sained Sedate Seated Stoned Tendon Eosine Sennet Anoint Nasion Anions Tineas Tisane Tenias Seitan Innate Nitons Anenst Atones Nation Sonant Nonets Sonnet Tenons Tonnes Sienna Sennit Tennis Intone Eonian Inanes Insane Senate Sateen Enates Neaten Teniae

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Caved Viced Coved Voice Civet Evict Coven Vatic Vinca Covin Covet Coves Voces Vices Cavie Caves Doven Voted Devon Voids Avoid Viand Vends Divan Davit Divot Divas Saved Daven Vaned Doves Devas Eaved Video Vined Deave Evade Vised Dives Vanes Sodic Dicot Disco Dicta Venin Soave Coted Ovate Oaves Asdic Vista Caids Cadis Naevi Novae Codas Avens Naive Octad Vitae Naves Cedis Dices Avion Edict Cited Caned Acned Aviso Dance Savin Vinas Evite Sieve Cades Cased Codes Stave Vesta Scend Coeds Stove Acids Decos Vents Nicad Cnida Acted Coned Coden Daces Cadet Canid Ovens Envoi Votes Veins Neves Nieve Seven Evens Novas Vinos Ovine Deice Cedes Event Vines Veena Venae Eaves Sonic Conns Stoic Icons Coins Scion Ontic Tonic Cions Conin Scene Cense Cetes Cines Since Niece Cosie Cesti Scent Cents Coset Cotes Escot Oncet Conte Nonce Cites Cones Scone Cento Tacos Costa Coats Cease Scena Saice Coast Canst Ascot Cants Scant Acnes Nance Canes Ocean Canoe Cains Enact Actin Cesta Cates Caste Taces Antic Canon Octan Cotan Canso Canto Coati Ancon Aides Aside Sedan Saned Anode Sited Stied Deets Deans Ideas Diene Tides Donee Edits Dense Denes Needs Aedes Deist Dites Diets Eased Donas Nides Snide Dines Teind Doest Dotes Donne Tends Nodes Nosed Sonde Eidos Tined Dents Toned Noted Staid Tsadi Ditas Adits Donna Inned Adios Stade Sated Dates Stead Tsade Danio Anted Dinos Tondi Dints Doats Datos Stand Steed Toads Odist Doits Nines Noise Eosin Toeas Setae Teens Tease Inane Anise Enate Eaten Tense Entia Tenia Antes Oaten Etnas Nates Neats Atone Aeons Tinea Niton Senna Anent Stane Stoae Tines Stein Senti Nites Inset Neist Seine Santo Notes Anion Nenes Antis Saint Onset Seton Sente Tones Stone Steno Satin Nonet Nones Neons Nonas Tenon Tonne Tains Iotas Ostia Stain Stoai

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Definition of the word Condensative, Meaning of Condensative word :
a. - Having the property of condensing.

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