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Bumfs Clomb Combo Coomb Combs Crumb Climb Combe Focus Ficus Cuifs Forbs Flocs Coifs Folic Flics Coofs Flubs Fucus Curfs Scurf Flume Films Fices Fumer Femur Fumes Force Clefs Filum Fibre Firms Forme Forms Forum Brief Fermi Fiber Comes Comer Melic Crime Clime Mesic Celom Mucor Cuber Cibol Cubes Corms Mucro Scrum Mucus Culms Osmic Micro Scrim Music Mercs Locum Broom Bromo Booms Bosom Brims Berms Umbos Brume Imbue Sebum Biome Umbel Limbo Clubs Limbs Umber Blume Besom Boric Cribs Coble Omber Blocs Scrub Curbs Bloom Brome Bices Ombre Froes Frise Fries Fires Flies Files Lifer Flier Filer Rifle Reifs Fusel Fuels Serif Flues Floes Fores Furls Flirs Foils Filos Fouls Sulfo Folio Fools Fluor Fusil Loofs Floor Flour Rolfs Roofs Fours Looms Mools Rooms Rubel Ruble Blues Obole Bluer Solum Moors Osmol Moils Boles Milos Boule Limos Lesbo Lobes Roble Ribes Mouse Moire Emirs Miser Mires Smile Slime Ileum Muser Mures Rimes Morel Moose Oleum Merls Romeo Lemur Mores Morse Meous Moues Lubes Omers Moles Miles Serum Bries Mules Birle Obeli Biles Miler Biers Limes Liber Birse Score Corse Cruse Cures Ecrus Curse Cores Ceros Clues Luces Biros Cooer Sucre Bouse Burse Coils Oculi Sulci Rebus Rubes Boils Birls Broil Oboli Suber Lucre Cruel Blurs Burls Relic Ceils Bolus Slice Slurb Oleic Broos Rubus Boors Obols Lobos Brios Ceorl Close Coles Socle Ureic Curie Cosie Bolos Cires Cries Rices Ulcer Color Cools Bores Oboes Coirs Curio Scour Brose Locos Clour Curls Sober Robes Locus Roils Louis Loris Olios Osier Ourie Oorie Sieur Lieus Ileus Oiler Oriel Reoil Looie Solei Riles Slier Riels Liers Louie Roose Loose Rules Lours Rouse Roues Euros Lures Ousel Roles Sorel Orles Loser Oleos Louse Lores

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Definition of the word Columbiferous, Meaning of Columbiferous word :
a. - Producing or containing columbium.

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