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Jucos Judas Judos Jades Sojas Tajes Jatos Rajes Joust Jests Jutes Sajou Jotas Justs Jurat Coude Coder Coted Decor Cored Codes Decos Coeds Cruds Scudo Curds Scuds Ducts Duroc Scrod Crude Creds Cured Duces Cords Educt Douce Credo Daces Acted Cased Cadre Arced Acred Cared Cedar Cades Raced Codas Cadet Scads Ducat Octad Cards Coses Sauce Cates Crate Coset Recto React Cases Cesta Cause Recta Taces Caste Trace Crass Scars Carts Tacos Coast Coats Costa Scart Arcus Scuta Casus Ascus Scaur Casts Scats Ascot Cotes Ceros Cores Orcas Score Corse Socas Actor Taroc Acute Ecrus Acres Ocrea Eruct Cuter Curet Recut Truce Scute Cutes Sects Sucre Carte Cater Cress Caret Crest Curse Cures Cruse Cross Torcs Escar Races Scuts Cares Carse Curst Crust Costs Court Scour Scots Serac Scare Scout Cusso Escot Cruet Doats Dares Rased Dress Reads Dears Sodas Studs Dusts Sards Duets Datos Stead Dures Druse Outed Tsade Sords Sarod Roads Sudor Duros Dorsa Dross Turds Durst Surds Tardo Doura Drest Oread Adust Dauts Uredo Doest Rosed Trued Dotes Sored Tared Trade Rated Derat Dater Tread Doses Rodes Darts Doter Trode Sades Dates Adore Oared Sated Stade Douse Redos Doser Doers Duras Resod Drats Toads Route Outre Outer Souse Touse Tress Rests Rouse Roues Rotes Roset Store Tores Euros Torse Ruses Suers Torus Stour Routs Tours Ousts Truss Rusts Roust Sours Trues Users Suets Sorus Sorts Sores Roses Asset Urate Ursae Easts Sates Saute Tasse Seats Ureas Urase Aster Sears Rases Arses Rates Resat Aures Tears Tares Stare Saros Trass Stars Autos Tsars Sutra Suras Rotas Roast Ratos Soras Sorta Taros Stoas Oasts Toras Soars Toeas Oases Orate Stoae Arose Oater

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Definition of the word Coadjutress, Meaning of Coadjutress word :
n. - Alt. of Coadjutrix

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