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Murphy Pouchy Thymic Chirpy Pitchy Mythic Cypher Chromy Pyemic Crimpy Mighty Myopic Mythoi Torchy Reechy Echoey Ochery Grumpy Cherty Cherry Cheery Rhymer Trophy Rheumy Touchy Mouthy Myotic Hempie Tempeh Cotype Recopy Imphee Empery Croupy Photic Crypto Orphic Eighty Comity Pricey Cipher Ceriph Mopery Cometh Chrome Eyecup Humper Chimer Ectype Creepy Crepey Toughy Righty Roughy Grouch Gothic Chigoe Grutch Coempt Theory Pumice Gripey Gopher Chegoe Ropery Murrey Typier Poetry Churro Pyrite Pother Mother Peyote Preyer Retype Ophite Ephori Homier Humeri Mither Guimpe Hermit Outcry Moiety Threep Uphroe Thorpe Therme Priory Richer Purity Etcher Cither Coheir Reecho Chirre Euchre Troche Rouche Tocher Rotche Hector Rochet Touche Thrice Heroic Techie Cheero Thoric Rhotic Cohere Echoer Croupe Rectum Recoup Epimer Empire Recept Premie Copter Grouty Yogurt Pricer Hogtie Cerium Metric Uremic Copier Poetic Tricep Greyer Metope Temper Emetic Romper Trompe Tropic Righto Recipe Uptime Impute Precut Pierce Piecer Trough Corium Import Miotic Umpire Mercer Cermet Mopier Optime Impure Permit Primer Groper Hurter Morgue Tergum Pirogi Rhetor Gomuti Griper Heriot Upgirt Purger Grocer Pigout Rehire Either Regime Emigre Gemote Merger Hereto Hetero Pugree Tuyere Trimer Retrim Protei Ropier Curter Iterum Periti Pitier Euripi Mitier Rimier Porter Cerite Mirier Couter Croute Report Pretor Termor Tremor Corrie Orrice Uptore Pouter Troupe Roupet Repour Irrupt Erotic Pourer Reemit Metier Recite Retime Termer Currie Curite Uretic Toupee Emoter Remote Meteor Rector Tierce Repute Perter Outrig Rigour Turgor Gorier Regret Goitre Goiter Retore Ureter Retire Rioter Tourer Router

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Hempy Humpy Chyme Chimp Chomp Chump Itchy Myrrh Pithy Pigmy Ochry Techy Thymi Mothy Gimpy Homey Thyme Rhyme Hyper Cheep Typic Ohmic Thump Pricy Pyric Coypu Crepy Mercy Crypt Mopey Mutch Epoch Chirp Merch Chemo Mucho Pitch Porch Mouch Perch Hemic Miche Humic Myope Morph Chirm Chime Empty Pouch Crimp Might Goyim Yirth Pogey Gripy Grimy Germy Porgy Youth Hurry Crump Compt Herry Cough Yogic Hoper Chore Therm Murry Purty Ocher Homer Rehem Rheme Theme Ephor Rheum Ethic Retch Peery Mirth Tophi Chert Mouth Ruche Homie Pouty Roupy Mohur Humor Teuch Thrip Chute Emery Grump Ochre Thrum Pryer Piety Perry Cutey Tophe Cheer Choir Chiro Rotch Ichor Merry Chiru Chirr Torch Motey Tepoy Ropey Couth Touch Churr Coyer Thorp Curry Ouphe Tempo Creme Crepe Creep Guyot Proem Girth Grith Right Piece Tough Tempi Ought Rough Prime Moper Gouty Coupe Coper Trump Yogee Comet Comte Comer Optic Picot Topic Primo Micro Opium Primi Crept Tromp Croup Mucor Mucro Eight Gurry Price Cripe Crime Teugh Huger Gripe Routh Gomer Getup Corgi Toyer Orgic Grime Terry Retry Gemot Tuyer Eyrir Their Ither Hirer Three There Pirog Purge Gript Eyrie Ether Other Throe Grume Houri Merge Repeg Group Grope Hiree Rumor Roper Repro Toper Repot Trope Erupt Prior Tumor Purer Miter Merit Mitre Remit Timer Rimer Court Moire Cruor Riper Prier Tripe Truce Recut Cirri Toric Rupee Puree Peter Topee Emote Merer Retem Remet Metre Meter Eruct Curio Ureic Trice Recti Ormer Cutie Corer Recto Crore Recit Metro Muter Terce Erect Icier Murre Citer Ricer Crier Curie Curer Recur Cruet Curet Cuter Tiger Rerig Grout Greet Egret Rigor Trigo Togue Rouge Urger Guiro Rogue Griot Ergot Roger Erugo Truer Trier Outre Route Retro Outer Uteri Retie Ourie Torii

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Definition of the word Cheiropterygium, Meaning of Cheiropterygium word :
n. - The typical pentadactyloid limb of the higher vertebrates.

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