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Chalcopyrite is a scrabble word? Yes (24 Points) Chalcopyrite has worth 24 Scrabble points.

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Chirpy Pitchy Peachy Phylic Chicly Cypher Catchy Poachy Patchy Leachy Phylae Archly Phylar Trophy Phytol Cherty Richly Torchy Ochery Photic Haptic Chicle Cliche Orphic Phatic Chapel Piracy Caliph Coprah Policy Cachet Atypic Carhop Caroch Eparch Cycler Cecity Preach Pricey Hepcat Crotch Choric Cratch Clypei Crypto Hectic Choice Cipher Echoic Chicer Ceriph Cloche Cheapo Yclept Cicely Recopy Pleach Cotype Pectic Theory Hearty Earthy Hyetal Capric Ipecac Accept Icecap Portly Rotche Poetry Troche Tocher Protyl Rochet Archil Acetyl Chiral Hector Cahier Achier Typier Ephori Ripely Ophite Heliac Triply Hirple Teapoy Teraph Orache Lochia Ochrea Chorea Chalet Thecal Chalot Rachet Choral Pertly Peltry Parley Choler Replay Clothe Peyotl Threap Player Thrice Coheir Heroic Pearly Cither Tephra Chital Pyrite Orchil Pylori Calory Pother Parity Rhotic Thoric Racily Pyrola Thorpe Polity Raptly Ropily Paltry Partly Cretic Cicero Epical Carpel Caplet Placet Pacier Plaice Plicae Placer Circle Cleric Parcel Cartop Captor Ocicat Capote Copter Toecap Carcel Cercal Preact Copier Carpet Poetic Tropic Picaro Arctic Tricep Police Atopic Acetic Lactic Celiac Cicale Calico Artily Aliyot Holier Liroth Heriot Eolith Lither Aerily Lather Halter Thaler Realty Lyrate Elytra Loathe Halite Hailer Thoria Harlot Oracle Claret Cartel Rectal Coater Recoat Palier Piolet Pelota Parole Plater Palter Polite Aplite Pirate Opiate Coaler Aortic Rictal Citral Coital Citola Lorica Protei Locate Caroli Lictor Erotic Triple Relict Recoil Eclair Citole Recoal Petrol Replot Colter Lector Coiler Portal Patrol Protea Atelic Lacier Loiter Toiler Tailer Retial Retail Rialto Tailor

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Yecch Haply Phyle Phyla Harpy Pithy Hiply Heapy Chary Yacht Ochry Hyper Itchy Chyle Techy Typic Chapt Pyric Epoch Poach Perch Patch Parch Pricy Chirp Pitch Cycle Crypt Crepy Cyclo Copay Chico Porch Catch Coach Pacey Clach Chica Chape Cheap Peach Cache Hayer Hoary Yirth Rhyta Holey Hoyle Hotly Hairy Ethyl Lathy Thorp Teach Theca Chiao Reply Ralph Chair Aitch Plyer Tophe Atopy Tophi Payor Aptly Repay Piety Typal Payer Patly Peaty Apery Phial Platy Ephor Thrip Tepoy Party Ropey Chola Hoper Loach Larch Retch Chert Orach Chart Licht Aleph Lycea Choir Chiro Tache Ichor Roach Lyric Lytic Lacey Chiel Rotch Chile Chare Cloth Torch Ratch Octyl Cheat Reach Coaly Lycra Coyer Chela Chore Clary Ochre Ocher Letch Ethic Laich Latch Raphe Leach Picot Optic Cecal Clipt Coact Topic Croci Colic Ceric Cerci Price Cripe Circa Clept Coper Cacti Crept Pical Plica Epact Carpi Copal Recap Crape Coapt Caper Copra Pacer Clapt Place Lathe Rathe Heart Hater Haler Haole Airth Thole Hotel Lathi Riyal Laith Hilar Torah Helot Riley Horal Altho Lotah Loath Earth Royal Throe Thirl Leary Early Toyer Relay Thiol Lyart Other Lithe Roily Litho Helio Teary Layer Ither Their Laity Prole Recto Telco Toric Pilot Ceorl Pater Actor Apter Taroc Citer Recit Peart Prate Toper Recti Trice Taper Repot Tical Lotic Coria Coati Cater Polar Caret Parol Triac Recta Erica React Trace Carte Octal Crate Coral Loper Tapir Poler Claro Carol Relic Lacer Carle Cleat Eclat Pilea Parle Pieta Paler Patio Ileac Pearl Clear Tripe Tepal Plier Peril Pleat Atrip Areic Aport Telic Ceria Plait Oleic Ocrea Opera Pilar Leapt Lepta Pareo Trope Plate Palet Petal Triol Lirot Trail Terai Retia Irate Telia Ariel Tolar Ratio Later Taler Ratel Trial Alert Alter Artel Toile Orate Litre Liter Relit Oater Tiler Reoil Teloi Oiler Oriel

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Chay Achy Yech Hype Hypo Lych Pacy Pech Chic Pyic Chap Chip Copy Caph Chop Hoya Ahoy Hyla Hyte They Holy Yeah Lich Itch Chit Loch Phat Harp Rich Toph Phot Pith Help Holp Paty Pray Prey Echt Echo Lech Pyre Etch Paly Play Cloy Coly Tech Type Cory Each Ache Path Typo Ropy Epha Heap Pity Pily Poly City Ploy Yelp Tach Chat Char Chia Chao Chai Yipe Arch Racy Lacy Acyl Clay Pyro Opah Hope Pace Pact Crap Cape Carp Croc Ceca Coca Pica Clop Clip Clap Epic Pice Crop Cope Capo Hire Thir Hoar Hoer Hero Thro Herl Aery Airy Heir Oath Aryl Hora Hart Thio Rath Eyra Lehr Yeti Lath Halt Yare Hilt Harl Year Tahr Eath Haet Thae Heat Hate Elhi Helo Hair Heil Hare Rhea Hear Ryot Lyre Rely Holt Tray Yore Ohia Oyer Loth Arty Hail Hole Tyer Tyre Halo Hila Oily Lory Hale Tyro Heal Troy Trey Tory Clot Repo Pelt Pile Plie Torc Pore Pole Peri Lept Colt Pier Lope Ripe Lipe Tape Topi Trip Aper Pare Pear Plot Plea Port Trop Leap Pale Peal Rape Reap Rope Pate Peat Tepa Tace Cate Laic Ciao Calo Race Care Alec Lace Acre Coal Cola Taco Cart Coat Orca Loca Carl Talc Arco Rice Part Prat Atop Cole Etic Cite Rapt Tarp Poet Tope Ceil Pert Cire Lice Trap Celt Pair Pita Coir Loci Otic Crit Lipa Pail Pial Proa Prao Core Cero Opal Cote Plat Coil Lati Toil Alit Tail Tali Toea Tael Tirl Rial Iota Tale Tela Tear Tare Trio Tori Roti Riot Late Teal Rate Lair Lari Liar Lira Aril Tiro Roil Aero Loti Rail Earl Tore Rote Tile Tire Airt Aloe Lite Rile Lore Lier Lire Orle Role Ilea Tole Olea Real Rale Rotl Tola Lota Oral Alto Rato Rota Tora Tier Rite Taro Lear Riel

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Definition of the word Chalcopyrite, Meaning of Chalcopyrite word :
n. - Copper pyrites, or yellow copper ore, a common ore of copper, containing copper, iron, and sulphur. It occurs massive and in tetragonal crystals of a bright brass yellow color.

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