Total 963 words found made out of Categorises

There are total 11 letters in Categorises, Starting with C and ending with S.

Categorises is a scrabble word? Yes (14 Points) Categorises has worth 14 Scrabble points.

10 Letter word, Total 2 words found made out of Categorises

9 Letter word, Total 6 words found made out of Categorises

8 Letter word, Total 26 words found made out of Categorises

7 Letter word, Total 107 words found made out of Categorises

6 Letter word, Total 220 words found made out of Categorises

Tragic Scrags Cargos Orgiac Cigars Corgis Gestic Cagers Graces Socage Cagier Ceases Recits Screes Recess Tierce Ecesis Crests Ecarte Cosets Cestos Certes Cosset Escots Recite Create Ocreae Coater Trices Coasts Steric Erects Scarts Cerise Cerite Secret Cosier Corset Coster Rectos Escort Erotic Crease Corses Cosies Crosse Scores Coatee Citers Cerate Cestoi Scries Sector Scoter Ascots Crises Terces Resect Castes Cestas Traces Recast Crates Reacts Stoics Saices Ericas Scoria Caters Caster Caress Recoat Costae Carses Crases Carets Cartes Coarse Seracs Escars Scares Aortic Costar Castor Actors Caries Crista Scrota Racist Triacs Tarocs Crissa Cerias Torics Coatis Across Scotia Crasis Stages Sagest Egoist Greats Retags Stager Grates Gaters Gaster Targes Stogie Orgies Goiter Goitre Tigers Griots Egests Greets Egrets Sarges Ergots Ogress Serges Gorses Groats Gators Argots Egress Grists Sieges Sargos Gestes Gratis Geests Trigos Agists Staigs Egises Gasser Goatee Orgeat Gaiter Aigret Triage Garote Ageist Sagier Ergate Egesta Ragees Agrees Eagers Eagres Grease Soiree Seiser Esters Resets Reests Sistra Serest Steres Steers Sitars Stairs Reties Resite Sirees Eroses Stereo Setose Series Roasts Assort Terais Stores Torses Tosser Sorest Rosets Teaser Tsores Orates Oaters Serosa Osetra Satori Teases Seater Reseat Resits Sister Easies Resist Easier Triose Tsoris Stares Erases Easter Eaters Aretes Assert Sarees Asters Tassie Satire Airest Serais Striae Siesta Raises Arises Ariose Tories Aeries Sortie Aorist Ratios Aristo Osiers Seisor

5 Letter word, Total 264 words found made out of Categorises

Corgi Cages Grace Cager Orgic Scags Scrag Crags Cigar Cargo Rices Cires Cries Scots Torcs Cross Ceres Scree Terce Cetes Costs Erect Cosie Recto Tacos Costa Scare Sects Races Coats Coast Socas Ascot Crass Scars Carse Cress Cares Escot Cotes Scats Crest Carts Scart Escar Cists Taroc Actor Cates Caste Cesta Taces Stoic Cases Cater Recta React Trace Crate Coirs Serac Orcas Caret Triac Carte Toric Coria Coati Coset Casts Cites Score Corse Cores Sices Cesti Ceros Erica Ceria Saice Ocrea Areic Recit Coses Citer Cease Recti Trice Acres Crits Geste Greet Egret Serge Reges Geest Egest Grees Egers Ogees Siege Trogs Grots Gross Gists Terga Targe Retag Grits Grist Gases Girts Great Grate Gears Agers Trigs Rages Sager Gater Sarge Sages Gates Aegis Giros Stage Getas Togae Griot Trigo Togas Goats Sagos Argot Sargo Gator Groat Goers Gites Grass Tiger Gasts Stags Gores Segos Gorse Gests Agree Ragee Eagre Eager Gesso Tragi Agist Staig Gaits Ragis Agios Ergot Ogres Riots Torsi Trois Stirs Sorts Trios Rotis Tiros Torse Siree Retie Erose Seise Reset Reest Steer Stere Trees Terse Ester Seers Erses Seres Sores Roset Roses Sties Tries Sites Rotes Store Tress Tores Rests Tires Tiers Rises Osier Sires Resit Rites Satis Ostia Arose Stoai Terai Irate Retia Iotas Ossia Oasis Ratio Serai Arise Stria Stair Sitar Arsis Saris Airts Astir Oater Easts Asset Sates Seats Rases Tasse Sears Aster Tares Tears Stare Rates Resat Arses Oases Stoae Orate Toeas Tarsi Raise Aerie Stoas Oasts Arete Saree Erase Stars Trass Tsars Toras Rotas Sorta Setae Roast Soras Tease Ratos Soars Eater Taros Eases Saros

4 Letter word, Total 212 words found made out of Categorises

3 Letter word, Total 104 words found made out of Categorises

2 Letter word, Total 22 words found made out of Categorises

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An Anagram is collection of word or phrase made out by rearranging the letters of the word. All Anagram words must be valid and actual words.
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In Categorises C is 3rd, A is 1st, T is 20th, E is 5th, G is 7th, O is 15th, R is 18th, I is 9th, S is 19th letters in Alphabet Series.