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Campylotropous is a scrabble word? Yes (25 Points) Campylotropous has worth 25 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Campy Cuppy Apply Cymar Spumy Cymas Crypt Cymol Copay Spacy Polyp Loppy Pulpy Sappy Typps Coypu Palmy Soppy Lumpy Plumy Amply Popsy Pomps Pumps Clomp Plump Clump Crump Scamp Compt Camps Campo Cuppa Cramp Compo Clamp Comps Platy Patly Amyls Malty Marly Aptly Moray Mayor Mylar Mayos Layup Atomy Typal Typos Pouty Soupy Purty Moory Atopy Soapy Musty Payor Roomy Polys Syrup Tryma Plays Palsy Potsy Ploys Pursy Mayst Splay Loopy Prays Mousy Cooly Octyl Cloys Clary Lycra Coaly Acyls Clays Poyou Scaly Curly Saucy Party Yucas Roupy Prosy Pyros Scary Raspy Patsy Pasty Loamy Spray Yaups Tamps Scoop Poops Comal Coops Stamp Pumas Pupas Prams Crops Corps Croup Coups Plops Coopt Slump Tramp Ramps Plums Clops Sculp Props Culms Mulct Locum Pulps Scrum Lumps Mucro Corms Mucor Rumps Romps Lamps Culpa Tumps Plasm Stump Palms Proms Capos Scalp Clapt Coapt Clasp Calms Pupal Pomos Promo Copra Clams Palps Claps Tromp Caput Scaup Pacts Trump Scram Crams Scrap Camos Copal Comas Carps Craps Carom Macro Scarp Marcs Musca Sumac Psalm Stomp Ampul Yurts Rooty Sooty Rusty Toyos Artsy Yurta Saury Satyr Stray Trays Truly Troys Tyros Yours Stroy Surly Lyart Aryls Lusty Lousy Loury Royal Salty Ryots Story Slaty Coats Colts Morts Coast Cloot Scout Claro Tacos Costa Carol Coral Ascot Storm Clour Clots Orlop Scoot Coots Smolt Orcas Tumor Carls Molts Cauls Clast Talcs Octal Taroc Calos Locus Scour Torcs Clout Crust Colas Cults Coals Curst Actor Curls Court Spoor Rooms Moors Moult Praos Sapor Proas Topos Mauts Muras Arums Ramus Stoop Strum Motor Aport Stoup Looms Spout Pouts Loups Parol Polar Moots Opals Poult Plats Trams Moras Roams Amour Amort Slurp Purls Splat Smart Marts Moats Atoms Stoma Spurt Turps Solum Plots Troop Spool Sloop Ports Strop Pours Sport Prost Scuta Scaur Molto Loops Color Cools Polos Pools Scart Arcus Carts Mools Osmol Locos Roups Parts Larum Mural Prats Sprat Tarps Strap Malts Smalt Mauls Alums Lumas Traps Marls Moral Stupa Molar Proso Sopor Sputa Loams Supra Praus Pruta Louma Moola Molas Tours Roots Roost Rotos Toros Torso Roust Routs Stour Torus Lotas Altos Tolar Solar Orals Tolas Sault Talus Ultra Sural Sorta Taros Toras Autos Rotas Roast Ratos Sutra Louts Stool Tools Loots Lotos Sotol Tolus Lotus Rotls Lours

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Mopy Pacy Cyma Mycs Copy Typp Pomp Comp Camp Pump Scry Cory Ropy Pray Mayo Pyro Spay Cloy Moly Coly Cyst Posy Poly Typo Ploy Pyas Pays Coys Yaps Yaup Yams Paty Mays Army Cosy Yups Play Paly Spry Yuca Amyl Racy Acyl Cays Clay Lacy Poop Corm Prom Cram Plop Marc Romp Palm Lamp Mocs Cams Macs Capo Scam Mops Poms Prop Carp Crap Clop Culm Rump Pact Pacs Caps Pops Pupa Calm Scum Cusp Tamp Puma Coup Sump Clap Pulp Scop Cops Pomo Spam Pups Lump Plum Tump Scup Umps Maps Pams Samp Amps Clam Pram Ramp Palp Coop Coma Apps Paps Poco Cups Camo Crop Soya Lory Ruly Yous Rosy Ryot Slay Lays Your Tyro Tory Troy Aryl Stay Tray Toyo Arty Ryas Rays Yurt Toys Molt Puls Room Moos Moot Moor Purl Plus Toom Mors Most Mots Toms Mort Roms Sumo Rums Must Polo Pool Poor Loop Oops Slum Poos Lops Pols Smut Muts Stum Loup Slop Plot Lums Proa Mura Arum Tram Mast Mats Amus Tams Mart Rams Soma Moas Roam Atom Moat Mars Arms Acts Maut Taco Arcs Coat Soca Pout Ocas Cars Atop Prao Mols Apos Soap Scar Cart Mora Loam Mola Tups Scat Puts Marl Opal Slam Lams Malt Alum Maul Luma Urps Alps Cats Cast Purs Spur Pals Laps Salp Slap Pula Plat Alms Orca Carl Cult Curl Coos Coot Cola Loca Colt Clot Cool Cols Loco Coal Cors Topo Curt Curs Cuts Scut Mool Loom Crus Scot Rocs Orcs Torc Calo Cots Cost Arco Pars Caul Opts Raps Rasp Part Spar Post Pots Soup Opus Tops Spot Stop Prat Roup Upas Taps Pour Trop Lacs Pros Port Spat Pats Trap Tarp Rapt Prau Talc Past Tors Sort Rots Osar Oars Tola Orts Soul Latu Lars Sora Soar Lota Alto Lout Tolu Slut Tour Ours Sour Alts Saul Lust Lats Slat Last Oust Slur Outs Rout Oast Also Oral Solo Taus Ursa Sura Slot Tsar Salt Utas Oots Toro Roto Root Soot Ruts Loos Rust Star Tars Rato Lost Rats Lour Rota Taro Oats Stoa Taos Auto Loot Sola Arts Tool Lots Rotl Tora

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Definition of the word Campylotropous, Meaning of Campylotropous word :
a. - Having the ovules and seeds so curved, or bent down upon themselves, that the ends of the embryo are brought close together.

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