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Scream Claims Macers Misact Mastic Malice Racism Amices Camise Camlet Mescal Macles Calmer Marcel Camels Creams Camail Camisa Calami Camera Lactam Maraca Climes Crimes Tarmac Amtrac Metric Remail Sacral Scalar Lamiae Carats Craals Aimers Armies Ramies Casita Mailer Samiel Lascar Emails Mailes Mesial Rascal Recast Reacts Traces Stacte Rictal Citral Crates Caters Malate Meatal Carets Cartes Caster Ticals Static Attics Crista Racist Triacs Tracts Samite Aecial Tarama Mitral Smalti Ramtil Strict Tamest Mattes Milter Smiler Milers Trices Steric Stelic Relict Slicer Relics Masala Citers Recits Samara Asrama Salaam Matter Calesa Armlet Arecas Tramel Acetal Metals Lamest Caesar Realms Misate Imaret Miseat Tamale Carate Samlet Timers Maters Master Matres Ramets Tamers Stream Armets Merits Remits Smiter Mitres Miters Mister Racial Matier Ramate Sclera Lacers Clears Cartel Claret Cleats Castle Arames Rectal Atelic Carles Tamari Cattie Amrita Ericas Cerias Tatami Lamias Salami Caries Alarms Scaler Cattle Eclair Tectal Eclats Malars Lacier Tamals Tilers Stater Lister Relist Taster Liters Litres Treats Tetras Taters Attars Altars Astral Strati Strait Traits Satara Tatars Trials Trails Strata Tarsal Artist Ratals Talars Statal Estral Retail Serial Serail Retial Tailer Saltie Titres Sailer Resail Lariat Latria Ariels Triste Stelai Titers Ratite Attire Striae Satire Tetris Airest Sitter Atrial Reatas Alates Aerial Realia Terais Salter Slater Ratels Laster Litter Tilter Alters Artels Staler Stelar Rattle Talers Latter Titles Alerts Tarsia Riatas Arista Raitas Tiaras Latest Lattes

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Amice Mesic Crime Clime Melic Mercs Scrim Micra Micas Malic Maces Claim Scram Calms Crams Marcs Cames Acmes Camel Macle Macer Cream Clams Camas Recit Recti Citer Trice Mails Salmi Limas Melts Areca Realm Lamer Cesti Cites Celts Smelt Ramet Aimer Atmas Ramie Maria Tames Teams Cries Cires Trims Steam Amias Ceria Erica Tamer Almes Areic Amies Tamal Satem Acari Meats Mates Aceta Mater Lamas Smile Slime Alarm Rimes Miser Miles Milts Mitre Almas Miter Merit Limes Mires Emirs Reams Maser Smear Malar Ramal Marse Mares Matte Remit Timer Times Aecia Stime Smite Mites Ileac Metal Males Armet Meals Metis Items Miler Mitts Crits Emits Crest Lames Rices Matts Triac Malts Smalt Tical Laces Scale Laics Salic Alecs Attic Tacit Lacer Clear Carle Carts Talcs Merls Marls Clast Serac Scare Arame Eclat Cleat Races Escar Smart Marts Acres Cares Carse Caret Carte Cesta Cates Taces Tacet Tecta Caste Trams Crate Cater React Recta Trace Scart Carls Mairs Simar Tacts Ceils Amirs Craal Terms Saice Slice Lamia Tamis Maist Carat Maile Email Sacra Telic Scatt Maras Maars Tract Relic Slier Tarts Start Litre Relit Tiler Liter Riles Stile Istle Islet Tiles Titer Tries Trets Tilts Tires Resit Tiers Rites Title Riels Liers Trite Titre Stilt Tirls Tetri Laser Setal Least Taler Slate Stale Taels Stela Steal Ratel Later Rales Lears Lares Reals Seral Artel Alter Alert Tales Teals State Treat Tetra Taste Tates Arils Testa Teats Tater Tears Latte Aster Rates Tares Stare Resat Earls Arles Altar Tiara Riata Artal Ratal Talas Atlas Talar Raita Atria Areas Alate Areal Reata Laari Raias Arias Alias Attar Arise Telia Aisle Raise Serai Terai Retia Irate Ariel Tatar Lairs Tesla Liras Rails Liars Trait Tarsi Rials Alist Litas Tails Laris Trial Stria Trail Airts Stair Astir Sitar Atilt

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Definition of the word Calamistrate, Meaning of Calamistrate word :
v. i. - To curl or friz, as the hair.

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