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Boustrophedon is a scrabble word? Yes (21 Points) Boustrophedon has worth 21 Scrabble points. Each letter point as below.

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Poohed Depths Ephods Hoboed Pushed Hooped Hotbed Bushed Phoned Busher Berths Upshot Booths Borsht Broths Throbs Bhoots Hoboes Tophus Bother Photos Pothos Thorps Photon Phonos Ephors Ouphes Tophes Hopers Hooper Probed Uphroe Thorpe Hoopoe Posher Pother Burped Pusher Phones Noshed Dehorn Horned Drouth Hooted Hordes Unhood Horsed Reshod Dehort Hounds Unshod Shroud Hunted Hotrod Shooed Hosted Housed Thoued Rushed Shuted Tushed Unshed Shored Probes Rebops Upbore Superb Droops Hunter Unbred Bunted Uropod Doubts Burned Pouted Pernod Ponder Rouped Spored Posted Despot Depots Ethnos Honest Boused Deport Ported Poured Redtop Stoped Burden Dopers Pedros Prosed Hooter Soothe Booted Nother Throne Souped Hornet Pseudo Pruned Obtund Bundts Sorbed Bounds Desorb Pounds Bonder Busted Debuts Rouths Bestud Dobson Debtor Honers Honors Upsend Thoron Honour Herons Throes Punted Dobros Houser Senhor Nosher Redubs Upends Sendup Bruted Reshot Thorns Norths Perdus Onrush Drupes Others Broods Horste Pursed Dupers Prudes Pontes Porous Netops Sprent Prunes Sprout Stupor Person Operon Punter Uproot Tubers Buster Rebuts Burets Brutes Pornos Reboot Pronto Obtuse Buteos Bourse Sorbet Strobe Brunts Burton Suborn Bourns Borons Bouton Boston Robust Turbos Robots Subnet Proton Pouter Roupet Troupe Uprose Poseur Uptore Presto Repots Respot Poster Porose Unstep Upsent Stoper Troops Topers Tropes Putons Puntos Betons Brunet Bunter Burnet Brents Uptorn Bentos Unstop Bourne Unrobe Boners Obento Purest Erupts Stroud Enduro Undoer Rodent Sorned Sonder Stoned Undoes Sunder Turned Nursed Trends Snored Redons Odeons Drones Noosed Nudest Tendus Routed Toured Redout Detour Uredos Ousted Toused Duster Rudest Soured Roused Sooted Rooted Roosed Rodeos Doters Douser Strode Stored Sorted Rusted Nodose Donors Rondos Nodous Odours Rotund Rounds Untrod Donuts Stound Tondos Routes Outers Souter Stoure Ouster Torose Unroot Tensor Tenors Toners Stoner Noters Nestor Trones Tenour Rouens Nooser Sooner Enroot Tuners Unrest Torous

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Ephod Hoped Depth Ephor Tophs Phots Thorp Ouphs Phone Buhrs Shrub Bhuts Photo Phono Poohs Hoops Phons Ouphe Tophe Brush Thesp Hoper Hopes Bohos Phuts Hobos Herbs Berth Beths Throb Broth Booth Bhoot Shoed Hosed Doeth Thuds Hurds Oohed Shend Rebop Probe Horde Herds Sherd Shred Hoods Hound Honed Pubes Burps Pored Ponds Doper Pedro Pooed Roped Boned Shoer Shore Dupes Pseud Hoser Spued Urped Prude Redub Other Drupe Duper Perdu Horse Hoers Bonds Tubed Bused Debut Bound Bunds Dobro Heros Brood Debts Bundt Throe Toped Opted Shute Depot Burds Dopes Bodes Posed Spode Drubs Usher House Those Ethos Shote Doubt Orbed Honor Hurst Shoon Thous North Thorn Honer Horns Shorn Booed Pound Bends Poods Ruths Hurts Heron Hunts Routh Proud Updos Hours Short Horst Dropt Shout Dorps South Shunt Ortho Thoro Shoot Sooth Hoots Prods Drops Hents Robed Droop Shent Thens Pends Spend Upend Bored Herns Hosen Shone Hones Stoup Turps Spout Pouts Roups Spore Poons Snoop Spoon Porno Porns Puton Strep Spurn Punts Punto Purse Setup Erupt Super Sprue Upset Stupe Prest Topes Prone Ports Opens Troop Stoop Topos Sport Strop Prost Peons Pones Repot Proso Sopor Spoor Toper Trope Stope Poets Pesto Estop Ropes Repos Spurt Netop Prune Spent Prose Poser Pores Pours Turbo Bouts Borts Boots Bruts Burst Boost Robot Ebons Bento Bones Borne Boner Beton Brens Bores Brose Oboes Bents Brent Robes Sober Bourn Bonus Boson Boons Boron Bosun Burns Boors Broos Bunts Burnt Brunt Tubes Butes Burse Rebus Buteo Bouse Besot Rubes Suber Tuber Rebut Buret Brute Donut Redon Udons Sound Nodus Under Nuder Trend Dents Tends Tondo Noted Sonde Nodes Nosed Toned Round Rends Nerds Durst Turds Ordos Roods Odors Doors Stood Outdo Odour Durns Dunts Odeon Drone Nurds Druse Doter Trode Dunes Rodeo Sored Snood Rondo Rodes Resod Redos Rosed Doser Donor Doers Douse Duros Nudes Trued Drest Dures Outed Dotes Uredo Doest Tuned Duets Sudor Tendu Routs Roust Tours Torus Stour Roost Torso Toros Rotos Roots Turns Runts Snout Snort Tonus Snoot Toons Roset Tenor Rotes Store Tores Toner Trone Onset Notes Rouen Torse Euros Touse Noose Senor Snore Rouse Roues Outer Outre Route Seton Nerts Unset Rents Stern Runes Tuner Nurse Terns Tunes Stone Steno Roose Tones Noter Trues

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Hope Pehs Hops Posh Boho Soph Shop Hoop Herb Hobs Beth Hobo Phot Bhut Hubs Bush Both Bosh Buhr Ouph Toph Pooh Push Phut Phon Hods Thud Shod Doth Burp Pubs Ohed Hoed Bops Hood Hued Shed Edhs Herd Hern Then Dups Spud Puds Hone Hent Hens Tush Thru Huts Shut Thus Ruth Hurt Oohs Hots Shot Soth Shoo Hoot Thro Rhos Hour Host Tosh Hunt Rhus Rush Thou Horn Shun Huns Nosh Hons Hues Hets Hest Eths Hoer Hero Hoes Resh Hers Shoe Hose Pood Pend Dupe Sped Peds Dope Oped Dubs Buds Beds Debs Bred Bode Bend Debt Bedu Burd Drub Bods Bund Bond Drop Dorp Prod Pods Pond Updo Unbe Poet Oboe Tope Epos Opes Pose Peso Bots Bore Obes Poon Robe Stob Orbs Bent Pons Robs Rope Bren Repo Pore Sorb Nebs Bort Bens Burn Brut Urbs Snob Born Nobs Buns Boot Boos Tubs Stub Bust Buts Snub Nubs Bunt Boor Broo Boon Bros Bout Bets Best Rebs Reps Rube Burs Rubs Bute Spue Tube Supe Step Sept Pure Pert Pest Pets Porn Tops Stop Roup Pour Trop Port Opts Spot Pots Post Pout Pone Peon Opus Open Nope Soup Purs Poos Topo Puts Pent Bone Ebon Puns Upon Spun Punt Poor Tups Pens Oops Urps Spur Pros Door Rood Dors Ordo Odor Dots Dost Udos Ouds Duos Tods Duro Sord Stud Rods Dust Turd Trod Dour Urds Surd Udon Nods Dore Doer Redo Dons Dent Tend Dune Nude Unde Dens Rend Nerd Ends Send Sned Rode Toed Rude Dure Reds Rued Odes Dues Sued Teds Does Dose Duns Dunt Nurd Durn Used Dote Node Undo Duet Done Rust Tors Sort Turn Tone Nuts Ruts Erns Orts Tern Root Stun Rots Tuns Rent Toro Rout Tour Sour Ours Oust Eons Ones Sone Outs Noes Soot Oots Nose Note Roto Nets Rose Roes Ores Sore Rote Roue Euro Eros Toon Onto Onos Soon Toes User Sure Suer True Suet Utes Ruse Rues Erst Rest Tres Rets Tore Tens Unto Onus Tons Sent Rune Nest Urns Snot Nous Torn Sorn Tune Runs Runt

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Definition of the word Boustrophedon, Meaning of Boustrophedon word :
n. - An ancient mode of writing, in alternate directions, one line from left to right, and the next from right to left (as fields are plowed), as in early Greek and Hittite.

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