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Thumbs Rhombi Biform Hombre Rhumbs Rhombs Sherif Fisher Shrift Friths Firths Shifts Froths Fourth Fetish Fishes Hubris Briths Berths Mother Forums Moshes Busher Homers Mosher Smiths Bother Bushes Isthmi Births Borsht Mushes Mirths Fomite Fermis Broths Mishit Shmoes Throbs Fumier Musher Rheums Shrubs Homies Therms Boshes Befits Mohurs Muftis Humors Misfit Fibres Femurs Formes Hermit Fumers Briefs Fibers Theism Mither Humeri Fumets Motifs Thrums Musths Mouths Homier Humour Erbium Biomes Bemist Imbrue Timber Timbre Sombre Submit Sebums Besmut Umbers Brumes Emboss Somber Ombres Imbues Obiism Ombers Besoms Bromes Fetors Future Rishis Fortes Forest Foster Foetus Roshis Fusser Frosts Tusseh Fortis Foists Firsts Fruits Tushes Shutes Tushie Thesis Shiest Heists Theirs Heriot Hosier Hoises Hisser Shires Shiers Houses Toshes Shotes Rhesus Rhuses Rufous Ushers Rushes Houser Throes Shoers Hosers Horses Shores Horste Reshot Others Softer Shirts Hursts Souths Shouts Horsts Shorts Rouths Refits Rifest Sifter Furies Strife Serifs Frises Hoists Softie Frites Resift Houris Feists Bruise Buries Oribis Busier Tumour Burses Tumors Rubies Buteos Obtuse Besots Subers Bouses Ostium Misset Surimi Somite Timers Smiter Subset Mioses Miosis Remiss Miters Mister Merits Misers Strobe Remits Sorbet Mitres Sobers Broses Mitier Burets Buster Rimous Smites Misuse Busies Tmesis Stimes Truism Isomer Bourse Tubers Iterum Moires Rimose Rebuts Brutes Bistro Biters Bistre Mouses Mousse Bister Bestir Metros Strums Mouser Brises Birses Storms Bursts Tribes Ibises Tobies Sobeit Mosser Ribose Boites Ourebi Rubout Muster Bruits Subito Turbos Estrum Orbits Serums Musers Robust Irises Osiers Serous Rouses Ouster Tsores Tosser Sister Resits Resist Outers Routes Suiter Stoure Souter Torses Stores Sieurs Issuer Rosets Sorest Stours Rousts Tussur Setous Uterus Triose Tories Sortie Seisor Suture Estrus Russet Tissue Suites Touses Tussor Tsuris Suitor Surest Tusser Uruses Tsoris

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Thumb Rhumb Bumfs Rhomb Fresh Thief Hefts Frosh Shift Frith Forth Froth Firth Forme Humus Smush Musth Meths Homer Homie Mohur Homes Moths Herms Humor Therm Rheum Herbs Mouth Berth Beths Thrum Fumet Fumes Mufti Femur Brief Fiber Befit Motif Firms Fumer Fibre Brush Buhrs Shrub Throb Broth Forms Bhuts Fermi Mirth Forum Brith Smith Forbs Shims Birth Imbue Biome Besom Sebum Ombre Brims Brome Omber Tombs Umbos Umber Berms Brume Forts Hests Shute Those House Softs Shote Ethos Shoes Hoses Tofus Other Fours Throe Usher Frost First Frits Rifts Sifts Fists Fruit Shuts Foist Shris Shirt Rishi Hists Shist Hoise Hires Shire Shier Shits Sushi Fetus Frise Reifs Fries Fetor Ofter Forte Serif Froes Seifs Feist Refit Roshi Fores Fires Fosse Fests Fuses Hoist Houri Serfs Frets Heirs Shout South Soths Hours Routh Hosts Thous Shore Shoer Hurst Hurts Ruths Hoser Horse Turfs Surfs Heros Hoers Shots Heist Ither Their Shies Horst Short Stems Trims Mutes Mists Mouse Muses Tomes Mures Muser Metro Moste Terms Serum Motes Meous Omers Muter Smote Moues Musts Smuts Stums Morse Strum Sumos Mosts Moist Misos Mitis Morts Tumor Storm Omits Moire Brose Bores Buses Besot Bouse Sober Robes Bises Bites Tribe Timer Stime Smite Mites Times Merit Mires Miser Rimes Metis Items Miter Mitre Remit Mises Seism Emits Semis Emirs Obits Brute Buret Rebut Suber Rubes Buteo Burse Rebus Tuber Bests Biter Bouts Boite Stobs Burst Rubus Busts Birse Biers Oribi Turbo Orbit Bruit Brits Briss Borts Sorbs Biros Brios Stubs Bruts Bries Ribes Butes Mores Tubes Sours Sorts Sorus Torus Tours Ousts Truss Stour Roust Routs Rusts Rotis Riots Tiros Torsi Trois Trios Torii Stirs Situs Risus Suits Sores Roses Trues Sires Rises Ruses Suers Users Issue Tiers Tires Tries Rites Resit Suets Roset Tress Route Outre Outer Touse Souse Suite Etuis Sites Rouse Store Rotes Rests Tores Torse Roues Euros Sieur Sties Issei Uteri Ourie Osier

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Definition of the word Bismuthiferous, Meaning of Bismuthiferous word :
a. - Containing bismuth.

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