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Glitz Glaze Gloze Gazoo Gazes Graze Gazer Grosz Tzars Zoeal Izars Orzos Trooz Razes Azole Zetas Zoris Oozes Zeros Zoeas Lazes Zoril Zeals Zlote Azote Sizar Sizer Zaire Goals Sargo Argot Gloat Goats Groat Gator Gaols Togas Igloo Logoi Girls Logos Trigs Glost Sorgo Trogs Grots Grits Grist Giros Gilts Griot Trigo Girts Goose Gelts Goers Gores Ogres Gorse Ogles Loges Legit Liger Tiger Gites Ogler Ergot Large Regal Lager Logia Aegis Argle Glare Gales Aglet Terga Targe Retag Stage Getas Gates Great Grate Gears Agers Largo Togae Rages Sager Gater Sarge Argil Sigla Staig Agios Tragi Glair Agile Glias Ragis Grail Goral Agist Argol Gaits Algor Stole Least Tires Rites Toles Setal Telos Resit Arise Tiers Taels Toeas Roose Stoae Orate Raise Oater Store Loots Rates Rotes Aster Roset Serai Arose Tries Stela Stale Steal Tales Tesla Ariel Teals Slate Arles Solei Islet Teloi Sorel Toile Earls Lares Reals Seral Rales Lears Laser Roles Orles Relit Litre Tiler Oleos Loose Liter Lores Liers Loser Riels Riles Slier Istle Stile Later Ratel Telia Artel Alter Alert Irate Oiler Oorie Oriel Reoil Tiles Lotos Aloes Osier Looie Retia Terai Aisle Taler Torse Tails Litas Alist Rails Liras Rials Trial Trail Ratio Iotas Stria Stair Sitar Tarsi Astir Resat Stoai Ostia Liars Laris Toils Tirls Olios Loris Lairs Arils Roils Lirot Triol Airts Trois Tears Tares Trios Rotis Rotls Ratos Riots Toras Taros Roast Rotas Sorta Roots Roost Torso Altos Sotol Tools Solar Tolar Stool Orals Stare Tiros Tores Torsi Lotas Rotos Tolas Toros

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Definition of the word Astrologize, Meaning of Astrologize word :
v. t. & i. - To apply astrology to, to study or practice astrology.

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