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Stomp Stump Sumps Trump Tumps Rumps Tamps Spume Temps Moper Proem Sperm Perms Tempo Mopes Poems Pomes Spams Spasm Stamp Samps Tramp Proms Prams Ramps Pumas Romps Tromp Remap Praam Mauts Posse Psoas Aport Soaps Poets Stope Poses Pesto Estop Topes Paras Praos Proas Sapor Sputa Maars Maras Omasa Aroma Spout Pouts Spurs Spurt Serum Muter Muser Mures Turps Terms Stoup Parae Tomes Smote Meous Moues Arame Mouse Motes Moste Mores Arepa Morse Omers Metro Stems Muses Sprat Prats Strap Tarps Praus Traps Parts Spars Toper Trope Repot Soups Rasps Atmas Supra Pruta Stupa Masts Prose Poser Mutes Pores Repos Ropes Masas Massa Amass Pasts Spore Spats Pesos Posts Sumos Smuts Mosts Stums Storm Tumor Musts Strum Reams Smear Taupe Maser Marse Morts Mares Setup Ports Supes Psoae Rapes Stupe Morae Pross Upset Pause Tepas Taper Presa Prase Pears Apses Pareu Prate Peart Spare Reaps Spear Apter Pater Parse Pases Pates Paste Peats Septa Tapes Spate Spaes Passe Asper Pares Apres Apers Spues Amuse Puses Roups Moats Stoma Teams Tames Prest Amour Somas Atoms Steam Pareo Opera Ataps Pasta Press Sport Strop Tapas Stops Prost Masse Spots Apart Amort Erupt Mesas Seams Pours Meats Mates Pests Ramet Septs Steps Paseo Armet Mater Satem Tamer Smart Trams Moras Roams Marts Strep Arums Super Ramus Sprue Purse Muras Ruses Suers Resat Tasse Seats Users Trues Tares Stare Tears Suets Torus Tours Easts Ureas Urase Ursae Roust Stour Routs Tress Urate Rests Asset Aures Rusts Sates Auras Aorta Arose Aurae Sorts Areas Sorus Reata Oater Arses Rases Sears Aster Truss Stoae Oases Orate Toeas Saute Rates Rouse Outer Outre Route Roues Euros Tores Torse Autos Souse Sours Store Rotes Ratos Roast Rotas Sorta Ousts Saros Soars Soras Taros Toras Roset Sores Oasts Stoas Roses Touse Sutra Trass Stars Suras Tsars

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Definition of the word Aspermatous, Meaning of Aspermatous word :
a. - Aspermous.

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In Aspermatous A is 1st, S is 19th, P is 16th, E is 5th, R is 18th, M is 13th, T is 20th, O is 15th, U is 21st letters in Alphabet Series.