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Fugle Grief Forge Gofer Fugal Frags Fogie Fugio Frigs Flogs Golfs Gulfs Frogs Frugs Flags Files Flies Firer Foals Loafs Lifer Flier Rifle Safer Frier Reifs Frise Serif Fleas Fells Fries Falls Rifer Flora Feria Afire Fires Filer Alefs False Faros Fella Afoul Fille Flare Sulfa Feral Farls Farle Sofar Fusel Fillo Fares Fears Frill Filos Fills Farer Foils Flirs Furls Sulfo Furor Fours Fouls Fluor Fulls Fusil Rolfs Feuar Flour Froes Fores Floes Flues Fiars Frore Fuels Leafs Frail Folia Flail Filar Afore Flair Alifs Friar Fairs Fails Rogue Erugo Legal Roger Gores Gorse Goers Ogres Guise Rerig Liger Guile Urges Grues Glues Gules Aegis Urger Luges Luger Gruel Ogler Surge Loges Gluer Ogles Agues Sigil Grill Gills Gaurs Argus Guars Sugar Girls Iglus Argle Rigor Giros Logia Sarge Argil Glair Glias Grail Glial Auger Argue Rugae Sigla Agios Gular Goals Rugal Gulls Guiro Sargo Gaols Largo Galls Ragis Algor Argol Goral Agers Agile Usage Gears Rouge Rages Sager Regal Gales Large Lager Glare Lilos Rills Ruler Sorer Lures Rules Louis Roils Ousel Roles Sorel Rolls Orris Lurer Louse Loris Lores Orles Lours Loser Losel Ourie Oriel Reoil Ileal Uraei Oiler Lisle Riels Liers Surer Aurei Louie Airer Aisle Ariel Serai Raise Arise Ruers Rille Osier Lieus Ileus Solei Riser Slier Riles Rouse Iller Roues Euros Sieur Surra Roars Sural Rural Aures Urare Rears Urase Ureas Ursae Solar Arils Lairs Laris Liras Liars Aioli Ilial Rails Rials Loral Ollas Salol Orals Auris Urial Arris Sirra Urari Raser Seral Reals Rales Lears Earls Arles Arose Aloes Laser Lares Ureal Rares

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Definition of the word Argilliferous, Meaning of Argilliferous word :
a. - Producing clay, -- applied to such earths as abound with argil.

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