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Argentiferous is a scrabble word? Yes (17 Points) Argentiferous has worth 17 Scrabble points.

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Ingrafts Strafing Figurant Fingerer Reforges Refigure Feigners Regrafts Frosting Isograft Foragers Frigates Figeater Argufier Fairgoer Ferriage Feasting Argufies Figurate Fagoters Engrafts Frontage Fruitage Fatigues Grafters Furrings Foreguts Grifters Gunfires Figurers Refusing Refuting Fruiters Unfairer Fainters Ferreous Refrains Farinose Outfires Frostier Frontier Seafront Transfer Foreruns Resoften Refronts Fortunes Softener Furriest Refiners Ferniest Infester Ferrites Surefire Rotifers Reforest Fosterer Reinfuse Faitours Fourteen Forester Furanose Refuters Ferrates Features Refasten Fastener Fenestra Rarefies Organist Anergies Gesneria Outgains Arousing Roasting Regainer Stranger Regrants Granters Garrison Roarings Outrages Garrotes Starring Rousting Outrings Tourings Reagents Estrange Greasier Grantees Outgrins Negaters Greatens Interage Eugenias Sergeant Erigeron Generous Gesturer Grantors Estrogen Register Resigner Gentries Egestion Gratinee Eringoes Integers Reesting Eugenist Geniture Seigneur Steering Granites Ingrates Rangiest Regrates Gantries Angriest Astringe Ganister Stronger Sauteing Groutier Restring Stringer Genitors Earrings Grainers Organise Grouters Orangier Ignorers Reargues Unitages Groaners Estragon Negators Sturgeon Agouties Restrung Outrange Sugarier Grunters Rainouts Urinator Unretire Snoutier Routines Introrse Orienter Reroutes Reunites Reinsert Reinters Inserter Serotine Reorient Oneriest Rentiers Terrines Esurient Retinues Reuniter Reinsure Retainer Austerer Rearouse Outearns Treasure Renature Restrain Retrains Strainer Senorita Notaries Anterior Arsenite Resinate Arenites Resonate Trainers Terranes Earstone Uneasier Trainees Stearine Arteries Reasoner Terrains Outraise Urinates Antrorse Rotaries Sauterne Taurines Uranites Sautoire Ruinates

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Fingers Fagoter Fringes Forages Grafter Regraft Foreign Fatigue Forgets Forgers Fungoes Foregut Feasing Figures Figurer Gunfire Engraft Refugia Frigate Grifter Forager Feigner Freeing Reefing Fearing Refuges Giftees Reforge Furring Turfing Antifog Farting Ingraft Fugatos Surfing Fasting Rafting Serfage Friseur Outfire Fearers Surfier Fruiter Fustier Turfier Forties Rotifer Feaster Afreets Ferrate Infuser Snifter Surfeit Rafters Strafer Refront Fronter Forerun Frontes Furores Ferrous Fortune Freesia Feature Insofar Oftener Antifur Ferrite Unfrees Ferrets Refutes Refuter Refuser Refries Faitour Fernier Refiner Refires Ferries Refines Fraters Fustian Infares Furanes Faeries Fainter Fairest Fainest Forints Foreran Refrain Outings Trigons Reagent Storing Ousting Negater Negates Goatees Uneager Sorting Outsing Greater Reargue Rigours Regrate Outrigs Rusting Ergates Rousing Restage Greaten Turgors Tousing Grantee Enrages Guitars Signora Origans Roaring Soaring Gitanos Agonist Orating Outgrin Autoing Ragouts Outsang Nougats Outrang Routing Regears Greaser Souring Ourangs Grantor Gratins Ratings Gastrin Tarring Outgain Staring Orgiast Outring Garrons Agoutis Giaours Touring Ignorer Goutier Grister Goriest Goitres Gorsier Goiters Gurries Gustier Gurnets Tongues Surgeon Tongers Gutsier Gunites Trueing Ignores Regions Eringos Grouser Grouter Signore Genitor Stinger Reusing Resting Ringers Igneous Greisen Soignee Genoise Integer Regents Resurge Gerents Treeing Eugenia Gesture Reginae Grunter Regrets Argents Ingrate Regrant Tangier Rangers Garners Easting Granter Tearing Gratine Garnets Agonise Garotes Orgeats Aerugos Storage Agonies Strange Granite Gaunter Garrote Eatings Oranges Onagers Negator Onstage Groaner Seagirt Stagier Triages Augites Gaiters Aigrets Teasing Seating Ingates Ingesta Guineas Unitage Outrage Reagins Gainers Seringa Searing Graters Earings Erasing Sugarer Arguers Reginas Rangier Garrets Angrier Grainer Regains Earring Garters Rearing Outages Routine Stonier Sinuate Urinose Earnest Ratines Retrain Norites Oestrin Ironers Santour Orients Sautoir Erasion Rioters Ouraris Rerisen Atonies Ruinate Roister Stearin Rentier Terrine Snorter Rustier Reinter Stainer Retsina Stourie Sierran Uniters Aunties Ruiners Runtier Retains Uranite Nutsier Taurine Triunes Urinate Onerier Insurer Antsier Ranters Nastier Anestri Errants Soutane Outearn Santero Treason Arenous Atoners Serrano Terrain Tarsier Tarries Senator Trainer Artsier Retinue Roseate Retears Tearers Serrate Arouser Roaster Erasure Eastern Nitrous Turions Reroute Restore Nearest Ureters Tureens Estrone Etesian Reraise Tearier Trainee Retinae Arenite Outseen Arenose Aeneous Renters Aeriest Seriate Terries Retries Trienes Returns Turners Tonsure Tenours Nutrias Entires Entries Retines Rainout Routers Rouster Tourers Trouser Retires Uterine Retinas Rations Aroints Reunite Natures Tenures Saunter Neuters Retunes Reearns Earners Ensurer Rerents Sterner Terrane Austere

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Ganofs Forgat Fugato Forget Gofers Forges Fagots Fating Faring Fagins Forger Refuge Giftee Feeing Grafts Fogies Feuing Feting Gonefs Figure Griefs Friges Feigns Fringe Finger Gonifs Grifts Ganefs Forage Fugios Fusing Unfits Feater Forint Fusion Infers Firers Softie Faerie Fearer Friers Infuse Infest Forrit Frusta Finest Feints Afreet Founts Ferret Futons Refers Refine Ferine Refute Refuse Fester Freest Freres Freers Unfree Enserf Furors Frisee Refire Fronts Fruits Fortis Fiesta Foetus Fetors Furore Forest Fortes Friars Foster Surfer Unfair Faints Fainer Furane Fusain Feuars Softer Strife Infare Sifter Feriae Furies Frater Furans Fasten Unsafe Frites Farers Refits Rifest Resift Rafter Afters Faster Strafe Funest Fraise Ferias Fairer Afrits Soften Egrets Greets Surger Urgers Serger Signee Eringo Rugate Togues Seeing Eating Ingate Regret Sagier Aigret Teguas Genies Ignore Guinea Ergots Regear Ingest Signet Enrage Engirt Erring Genera Goatee Tinges Orgies Teeing Gorier Genius Gunite Negate Renigs Resign Sering Reigns Reagin Regain Earing Agenes Senega Ringer Gainer Signer Singer Regina Goiter Goitre Genets Gentes Rogers Regent Gurnet Urgent Gerent Easing Region Rugose Rouges Rogues Erugos Grouse Tigers Gaiter Regius Rerigs Soigne Toeing Egoist Stogie Egesta Tonger Tongue Goners Genros Ergate Genres Greens Oaring Onagri Trigon Origan Signor Rosing Soring Ingots Orgeat Aerugo Outing Garote Tigons Stingo Gainst Triage Garnet Taring Rating Sating Giaour Agouti Argent Gratin Girons Raring Gitano Grison Groins Agents Rasing Grains Greats Grates Turgor Retags Gaters Gaster Strong Grunts Strung Stager Grouts Sauger Augers Ragees Grease Argues Targes Agrees Eagers Eagres Arguer Grater Truing Unrigs Ungirt String Outage Guiros Garter Outrig Trigos Griots Rigors Rigour Garret Giants Outgas Genoas Agones Tragus Ragout Argots Gators Groats Gratis Augite Ageist Onager Orange Rugosa Sarong Ranges Ourang Tangos Sanger Organs Argons Garron Groans Guitar Orangs Tongas Strang Grants Guanos Nougat Gnarrs Garner Ranger Angers Eaters Easter Reseat Seater Urease Reseau Teaser Aretes Searer Terrae Tearer Retear Routes Souter Stoure Teniae Outers Ouster Rouser Sourer Router Tourer Aerier Aeries Arenes Ranees Reearn Nearer Easier Earner Eraser Unease Turion Outsin Rutins Suitor Nitros Intros Neater Aeneus Senate Sateen Enates Entera Storer Sorter Ironer Tonier Rinser Ruiner Estrin Orient Norite Irones Nosier Senior Inerts Insert Tenors Tensor Toners Trones Stoner Noters Snorer Sorner Retorn Nestor Rouens Tenour Unrest Resort Retros Roster Tuners Turner Nurser Reruns Return Suiter Triers Insure Inures Rusine Urines Trines Triens Inters Niters Nitres Sinter Ursine Triune Rioter Sortie Tories Triose Rosier Unties Uniter Tenuis Unites Ristra Uraris Souari Satori Aristo Ratios Aurist Tronas Sartor Rostra Santur Outran Tauons Aorist Ourari Arsino Norias Ration Nairus Nutria Trains Strain Instar Santir Ranter Errant Airers Ariose Raiser Sierra Irater Artier Auntie Tisane Retina Retain Seitan Tenias Tineas Airest Satire Snarer Atones Ornate Atoner Terais Striae Arseno Senora Reason Orates Oaters Osetra Arouse Soarer Unseat Tarres Terras Rasure Urates Urares Starer Raters Arrest Raster Rarest Nature Antres Astern Sterna Ratine Aroint Tenser Ternes Resent Rentes Rerose Renest Eosine Entire Treens Ensure Enters Nereis Ureter Seiner Serine Serein Renter Rerent Terser Retuse Retire Retore Sirree Resite Reties Rester Outsee Stereo Nester Tenues Retune Neuter Tenure Triene Arisen Tureen Soiree Rerise Retine Arsine Enures

5 Letter word, Total 515 words found made out of Argentiferous

Gofer Forge Frugs Ganef Frogs Grief Fogie Gonef Fugio Frigs Fungi Gifts Fungo Fagin Feign Grift Fangs Ganof Frags Graft Fagot Gonif Afrit Fiats Fiars Friar Fairs Fanos Tufas Fauns Furan Snafu Faros Sofar Fatso Softa Rafts Snarf Turfs Frats Farts Naifs Infra Faint Ferns Frore Often Refit Feist Fores Froes Frets Ofter Forte Fetor Serif Reifs Neifs Feint Fines Finer Infer Firer Fries Frise Fires Rifer Frier Fetus Frons Fusee Front Fruit Rifts Fetes Fonts Futon Furor Forts Fours Frost Freer Frere Frees Reefs Feres Fount Refer Firns Infos Unfit Foist Frits First Foins Fease Finos Tofus Fares Farer Afore Fears Safer After Fanes Frena Feast Fates Fetas Feats Afire Feria Feuar Aegis Targe Terga Retag Great Grate Gater Agent Anger Range Regna Togae Genua Sarge Genoa Sager Rages Agers Gears Agone Rouge Giron Groin Grunt Stung Tungs Grots Rungs Ungot Grist Grits Trigs Tongs Trogs Grout Gouts Gusto Trugs Girts Guiro Tigon Girns Grins Rings Ingot Ruing Rigor Giros Griot Trigo Using Suing Unrig Sting Tings Urger Grues Surge Urges Togue Rogue Gorse Ogres Ergot Erugo Guest Gores Goers Segni Sengi Singe Tinge Renig Reign Rerig Tiger Gents Genus Negus Roger Segno Goner Gites Guise Genro Sugar Guars Argus Gaurs Argue Genie Agree Eager Ragee Eagre Agene Togas Goats Gonia Garni Giant Agios Signa Gains Grain Ragis Tragi Angst Gnats Grant Grans Gnarr Gnars Stang Tangs Gator Groat Argot Sargo Guans Gaunt Guano Tonga Groan Orang Argon Staig Agist Gaits Organ Tango Agons Getas Stage Auger Agues Usage Segue Geste Geest Tegua Rugae Gates Siege Egest Reges Egret Genes Ogees Green Grees Egers Greet Serge Tenge Genet Genre Stone Rerun Steno Airns Rears Naris Trees Stain Tones Ourie Raser Nares Unset Tunes Steer Suint Runts Reset Unais Eaten Tains Reest Turns Tuner Terns Stern Rents Nerts Seton Nurse Stere Terse Runes Rares Tenor Suite Saint Etuis Trier Enate Rater Resit Tarre Tires Sieur Tries Antis Tiers Rites Terra Urare Uteri Noter Rates Ranis Sarin Toner Trone Notes Reuse Rouen Rains Retie Siree Snore Senor Nairu Satin Train Aster Riant Riser Onset Aerie Ensue Snare Sneer Ernes Erose Tease Enure Setae Antre Arete Teens Tense Eater Ranee Arene Enter Rente Treen Terne Roset Oater Orate Stoae Rotes Store Resat Torse Tores Toeas Noria Saner Nears Tonus Snout Retro Ester Euros Nates Snort Neats Stane Etnas Saree Erase Trues Antes Truer Surer Outer Arose Rouse Roues Outre Route Ruers Serer Usnea Touse Sorer Roast Ratos Rotas Sorta Taros Toras Torus Autos Stour Trans Rants Tarns Aunts Roars Routs Roust Tunas Trois Trios Osier Tours Surra Retia Terai Irate Serai Aurei Uraei Aeons Ruins Rutin Units Raise Arise Tenia Entia Anise Tinea Airer Atone Oaten Irons Noirs Noris Ornis Sutra Rotis Tiros Rosin Saute Reran Earns Orris Riots Intro Nitro Torsi Urari Airts Siren Arris Sirra Serin Risen Tarsi Stria Aures Noise Eosin Stair Sitar Rinse Resin Astir Stoai Stein Tines Senti Nites Neist Seine Tares Sente Untie Unite Stare Inset Tears Inter Inert Iotas Ostia Niter Nitre Urine Inure Ratio Trine Reins Irone Ureas Urase Ursae Auris Trona Santo Sonar Arson Roans Tauon Torrs Urate

4 Letter word, Total 388 words found made out of Argentiferous

Frag Fang Fags Figs Frig Gift Frog Fogs Frug Fugs Fane Fest Fees Feus Fets Fuse Fore Fern Serf Refs Efts Feet Fete Enuf Froe Tref Fret Fens Reft Feat Fate Feta Fere Free Reef Fare Fear Safe Foes Frae Tufa Fats Arfs Sofa Fast Raft Frat Fart Soft Fort Four Tofu Turf Surf Furs Oafs Neif Fain Naif Fano Fans Fora Faro Fine Faun Fiat Fiar Fair Seif Fino Fits Foin Fist Fire Font Sift Funs Rift Firn Fins Info Reif Fons Rifs Rife Frit Firs Girn Grin Ring Giro Ting Sing Sign Gins Gats Toga Ages Gars Rags Goat Sago Guan Goas Ager Gear Gait Agon Grat Gaur Guar Ruga Gaun Gnar Gran Rang Nags Gnat Tang Sang Snag Rage Ragi Gast Stag Agin Tags Gain Agee Agio Rigs Engs Gens Genu Gent Trog Negs Togs Gone Gust Guts Gite Trug Gout Rugs Grot Ergo Goes Egos Snug Sung Sego Gnus Guns Tung Ogre Gore Goer Gees Gene Ogee Gree Eger Gien Gies Egis Tugs Gate Geta Ague Ergs Gist Gits Gaen Gane Grit Trig Regs Girt Gaes Gets Rung Tong Grue Urge Tegs Sage Song Gest Nogs Snog Tori Toea Unit Tins Tiro Tare Into Tear Rins Teen Urea Snit Roti Nits Rare Sera Eras Sear Trio Ares Rase Arse Ears Ruin Rear Teas Neat Tees Seta Aero Etas Sane Riot Ante Etna Rete Tree Seat Sate Anes Rees Eats Nori Noir Sere East Sori Rate Ates Iron Inro Seer Ions Nets Naos Roan Orts Airt Aits Sati Torr Nota Rots Tans Anus Sort Tors Ants Tarn Rant Rein Sari Rite Sene Rise Reis Tier Tire Stun Ties Site Tuns Ires Anti Iota Airs Rais Rias Sine Nite Tain Unai Tine Aunt Tuna Rout Tour Taus Utas Ursa Sura Rats Star Tars Tsar Oust Aeon Ruts Rust Earn Outs Near Arts Sour Soar Sora Rato Rota Osar Orra Roar Oars Taro Tora Ours Auto Taos Oast Oats Stoa Etui Sire Snot Toes Tons Roue Errs Ruer Erst Sorn Torn Euro Tore Rose Roes Ores Eros Sore Nuts Rest Rets Stir Utes Seen Ease Esne Suet Suit Ruse Rues Tres Suer Sure Tuis True User Rote Runt Note Rani Rain Erns Urns Airn Sone Ones Anis Sain Turn Ains Eons Nose Noes Erne Tone Onus Runs Rune Sent Tens Tune Unto Tern Nest Rent Nous Naoi

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Definition of the word Argentiferous, Meaning of Argentiferous word :
a. - Producing or containing silver, as, argentiferous lead ore or veins.

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