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Chyme Hempy Humpy Campy Champ Chump Chimp Thyme Hyper Gimpy Pigmy Chary Yacht Itchy Rhyme Myrrh Techy Pithy Heapy Harpy Thymi Empty Cheap Perch Crepy Mercy Merch Chime Miche Hemic Pricy Pyric Typic Crypt Mutch Pitch Mache Chirm Humic Chirp Peach Chape Parch Cymar Chapt Match March Charm Pacey Thump Patch Cymae Campi Germy Herry Gripy Hayer Grimy Thuya Graph Hurry Yirth Cagey Grapy Hairy Crump Might Crimp Cramp Rhyta Harry Phage Gamey Curry Ratch Etyma Chart Apery Gamic Ethic Matey Party Reach Payer Meaty Piety Chare Tharm Charr Purty Aitch Cutey Gramp Chair Magic Retch Peaty Ihram Churr Chert Perry Pryer Chirr Chiru Merry Repay Marry Rheum Thrum Parry Theca Therm Teuch Murry Thrip Herma Harem Raphe Mirth Amity Chute Carry Teach Tache Cheat Grump Ruche Tryma Prahu Crept Cripe Girth Tramp Caput Caper Gurry Gerah Crime Prima Price Primi Prime Recap Carpi Umiac Micra Crape Remap Tempi Amice Epact Pacer Yager Gayer Grith Right Amici Ghaut Aught Cream Garth Macer Eight Teugh Huger Trump Yurta Tarry Their Ither Gript Retry Terry Tuyer Eyrir Hirer Purge Grume Getup Gripe Grime Haute Airth Rathe Heart Hater Earth Yarer Cigar Teary Gamut Marge Cager Pager Regma Gamer Grape Image Parge Grace Gaper Parer Raper Ramet Rearm Triac Armet Tamer Mater Murre Taupe Pareu Cirri Erupt Purer Peart Pater Apter Prate Crura Taper Muter Timer Prier Acute Riper Miter Merit Remit Mitre Aimer Rimer Curia Auric Armer Tripe Ramie Pieta Murra Erica Racer Cutie Eruct Recut Truce Icier Curet Curer Recur Cruet Ureic Curie Tapir Atrip Crier Trice Carer Recti Recit Ricer Citer Ceria Cuter Carte Areic Caret Trace Cater Crate React Recta Pruta Terga Targe Rugae Auger Argue Retag Grate Gater Great Tiger Rerig Tragi Urger Tegua Truer Uraei Rater Urate Urare Terra Urari Tarre Airer Irate Retia Aurei Terai Trier Uteri

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Definition of the word Archipterygium, Meaning of Archipterygium word :
n. - The primitive form of fin, like that of Ceratodus.

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