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Arborescent is a scrabble word? Yes (15 Points) Arborescent has worth 15 Scrabble points.

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Carobs Bancos Bracer Beacon Bacons Corban Braces Carbon Carbos Bracts Broncs Cobras Rebecs Cabers Recoat Costae Bentos Terces Coater Secret Berate Coarse Beater Aborts Boners Carers Tracer Reborn Berets Carets Crater Carter Racers Scarer Arbors Bearer Rebate Betons Tabors Boarts Borane Canter Cornet Beanos Cranes Nacres Rances Barren Carnet Centra Centas Centre Secant Stance Ascent Brents Nectar Recant Tanrec Trance Cartes Caster Cantos Cotans Octans Recons Crones Craton Brants Cantor Carton Contra Carrot Tarocs Scrota Trocar Actors Castor Costar Censor Batons Rebore Beaten Aerobe Traces Caters Crates Reacts Recast Enrobe Boreen Acorns Narcos Racons Barons Corner Rancor Casern Enacts Rectos Strobe Barter Barret Borate Boater Contes Centos Coster Seneca Escort Boreas Sorbet Crease Rebato Tenrec Ocreae Scoter Tenace Cetane Rebars Barres Seance Encase Career Corers Coatee Encore Caners Sector Create Cerate Recane Erects Banter Breast Barest Baster Canoes Oceans Careen Tabers Center Borers Resect Octane Corset Absent Screen Secern Scorer Censer Ecarte Crores Cenote Recent Resorb Canoer Rector Cornea Certes Sartor Trones Toners Rostra Retorn Rester Sorner Snorer Terser Nestor Tensor Noters Stoner Tenors Easter Eaters Retore Aretes Snarer Reseat Enters Terras Treens Teaser Seater Rerent Renter Tearer Resort Terrae Storer Sorter Roster Retros Rerose Ternes Atoner Tenser Resent Rentes Ornate Soarer Oaters Atones Orates Osetra Renest Nester Raster Raters Starer Tarres Rarest Arrest Senora Reason Arseno Retear Sterna Astern Reearn Nearer Tronas Earner Arenes Ranees Eraser Errant Searer Stereo Neater Entera Ranter Antres Senate Sateen Enates

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Rebec Bronc Banco Carbo Bacon Caber Acerb Brace Carob Cobra Bract Carbs Crabs Borts Ceros Besot Cones Scent Corer Cents Scart Carts Conte Oncet Crore Cores Beers Bento Sober Scree Ebons Cento Scone Ceres Robes Brose Torcs Borer Bents Brent Scorn Corns Bores Beton Brens Crest Bones Scene Benes Cense Terce Obese Cetes Crone Score Carrs Recon Brees Beret Coset Erect Cotes Escot Recto Borne Beets Beset Boner Corse Boats Botas Narcs Boast Canst Sabot Taces Brats Carns Caste Cates Cesta Cants Scant Acorn Narco Racon Canso Arbor Enact Tabor Boart Abort Boras Trace Recta Crane Racer Caner Ocean Canoe Carer Nacre Ocrea Scena Canes Acnes Rance Acres Cares Carte Caret Cater Crate React Serac Scare Cease Carse Escar Races Canto Boars Rebar Abets Ascot Cotan Baste Barre Actor Taroc Beast Bates Bares Taber Coast Coats Costa Tacos Braes Saber Sabre Baser Bears Orcas Beats Tabes Beans Baton Octan Beano Nabes Baron Barns Barer Betas Banes Brant Brans Nears Treen Oaten Reran Earns Nares Arene Tense Ranee Teens Enate Eaten Sente Eater Setae Tease Aeons Torrs Arete Saner Erase Saree Atone Terse Trees Stere Steer Reset Rents Roans Arson Nerts Reest Ester Sorer Retro Erose Terns Stern Senor Snore Tarns Roars Rants Toner Tenor Trone Trans Onset Seton Steno Noter Stone Tones Santo Trona Sonar Toras Taros Ratos Roast Rotas Sorta Tears Tares Neats Notes Nates Stane Arose Enter Rente Etnas Serer Antre Terne Antes Snort Oater Orate Roset Rotes Store Tores Sneer Ernes Stare Resat Rates Aster Terra Tarre Rares Torse Toeas Stoae Raser Rears Snare Rater

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Definition of the word Arborescent, Meaning of Arborescent word :
a. - Resembling a tree, becoming woody in stalk, dendritic, having crystallizations disposed like the branches and twigs of a tree.

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