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There are total 13 letters in Apprehensible, Starting with A and ending with E.

Apprehensible is a scrabble word? Yes (22 Points) Apprehensible has worth 22 Scrabble points.

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Shape Raphe Ralph Harps Sharp Heaps Plash Ephas Spahi Aphis Apish Phial Aleph Brash Blahs Sheep Sahib Helps Shlep Rehab Herbs Hebes Phase Palps Repps Preps Perps Pipes Piper Palpi Peeps Pepla Apple Appel Beeps Blips Plebs Nappe Plebe Paper Bleep Pipal Pibal Hails Hairs Herls Harls Lehrs Herns Shire Heirs Hires Shier Heils Hiree Shine Shiel Sheer Heres Sheen Heels Sharn Hilar Selah Shear Shale Sheal Hanse Ashen Leash Hares Heals Hales Haler Share Rheas Hears Pairs Leper Paris Peise Pians Bears Pains Braes Pinas Repel Nipas Preen Spail Pails Speer Prese Prees Lapis Spree Pilar Sepal Peres Speel Saber Sleep Peles Peels Neeps Baser Peers Penes Peens Blain Brans Beers Brees Brins Barns Benes Belie Sabir Leben Rebel Birle Liber Bries Birse Ribes Brens Biers Birls Biner Biles Brine Bines Abris Bares Brail Binal Plans Pilea Libra Pirns Basin Brain Nabis Sabin Bairn Bails Basil Epees Sabre Perse Prise Pries Plier Peril Spine Peris Paler Piers Parle Blare Spier Spire Speir Plies Blear Pearl Piles Ripes Baler Arpen Neaps Panes Apers Peans Abler Pease Perea Spean Sneap Apres Asper Reaps Rapes Spare Aspen Spear Presa Napes Pares Parse Pears Prase Speil Slipe Peals Sable Pleas Salep Blase Paise Ripen Ables Bales Peins Snipe Nabes Spale Lapin Plain Beans Penis Pines Banes Repin Pales Plena Leaps Panel Penal Sepia Lapse Plane Spiel Abele Spile Siren Nails Slain Snail Anils Serin Leans Ranee Risen Rinse Anele Aerie Laree Erase Saree Reins Arles Earls Lares Easel Lease Laser Lears Riels Riles Slier Liers Seral Rales Reals Liner Resin Arene Snare Lenis Nares Earns Nears Saner Liens Lines Aisle Alien Aline Leers Reels Eerie Sarin Seine Ranis Resee Siree Ariel Naris Airns Lense Rains Lenes Arise Anise Liane Elain Anile Raise Lanes Elans Learn Renal Ernes Sneer Serai Liras Snarl Rials Rails Arils Liars Lairs Laris

4 Letter word, Total 269 words found made out of Apprehensible

3 Letter word, Total 128 words found made out of Apprehensible

2 Letter word, Total 31 words found made out of Apprehensible

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Definition of the word Apprehensible, Meaning of Apprehensible word :
a. - Capable of being apprehended or conceived.

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In Apprehensible A is 1st, P is 16th, R is 18th, E is 5th, H is 8th, N is 14th, S is 19th, I is 9th, B is 2nd, L is 12th letters in Alphabet Series.