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Apologetics is a scrabble word? Yes (16 Points) Apologetics has worth 16 Scrabble points.

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Clipt Claps Scalp Spice Capos Coapt Sepic Clasp Clapt Clept Copse Scope Epics Topic Picot Copes Pisco Pacts Clips Optic Aspic Paces Capes Space Epact Scoop Coops Place Coopt Scape Pical Clops Spica Picas Copal Plica Clogs Goops Glops Colog Galop Logic Plage Gapes Clags Cages Peags Pages Glace Cosie Colas Coals Calos Clots Spail Octal Pails Lapis Colts Plait Spool Stipe Spite Piste Cesti Ascot Cites Coats Coast Cools Clast Cloot Pools Polos Poise Sloop Locos Talcs Loops Slipe Splat Plats Scale Laces Split Cleat Oleic Cates Topoi Caste Eclat Spilt Alecs Ileac Polio Slipt Saice Pilot Cesta Taces Spiel Speil Costa Pitas Spile Patio Tical Salic Psoai Laics Spait Tapis Ceils Opals Posit Topis Telic Plies Piles Slice Coati Spoil Tepal Palet Lepta Petal Plate Pleat Psoae Slept Pelts Tacos Stoop Spelt Topos Leapt Poets Pesto Stope Topes Coils Sepia Paise Pieta Pilea Lotic Lapse Leaps Stoic Spale Sepal Pales Peals Pleas Salep Paseo Slope Poles Lopes Telco Plots Coles Close Scoot Coots Socle Polis Estop Celts Peats Pates Paste Escot Cotes Spate Septa Coset Tepas Tapes Gelts Goose Getas Gates Stage Ogles Loges Gites Gilts Togae Logoi Igloo Agile Aegis Aglet Gales Logia Sigla Glias Logos Agios Goats Togas Agist Gloat Staig Gaits Goals Legit Gaols Glost Stole Loose Oleos Telos Toles Tiles Stile Olios Looie Islet Istle Toile Solei Teloi Tools Stool Stoae Tesla Toeas Sotol Lotos Loots Teals Tales Slate Setal Stale Steal Taels Stela Least Aisle Telia Aloes Toils Iotas Ostia Tolas Litas Tails Alist Stoai Altos Lotas

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Definition of the word Apologetics, Meaning of Apologetics word :
n. - That branch of theology which defends the Holy Scriptures, and sets forth the evidence of their divine authority.

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