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Prays Preys Pyres Pesty Repay Payer Piety Raspy Apery Yipes Spays Panty Types Pansy Pyran Pasty Party Patsy Peaty Piney Spray Spiny Tipsy Spiry Pyins Eyass Essay Yeast Sayer Years Rainy Eyras Teary Antsy Ayins Tansy Nasty Resay Entry Syren Snyes Tynes Yetis Tyers Treys Tyres Styes Stays Sayst Trays Artsy Stray Satyr Yarns Yenta Yeans Yearn Spine Snipe Peins Asper Penis Apres Pines Inept Peris Piers Parse Pears Pares Spans Arpen Snaps Pants Spars Strap Pries Sprat Traps Pasts Spats Tarps Neaps Ripen Napes Aspen Rasps Repin Panes Prats Paten Parts Spean Peans Apers Tripe Tipis Pirns Print Snips Strip Stirp Sprit Trips Spits Spirt Pints Spins Priss Piste Paise Spies Spite Stipe Spent Sipes Sepia Spier Speir Ripes Spire Pieta Strep Pests Septs Steps Prest Press Prise Sneap Inapt Paint Presa Pinas Aspis Rapes Pians Apsis Prase Patin Spait Tapis Pitas Passe Pases Tapir Atrip Paris Spear Pater Pairs Taper Peart Prate Apter Nipas Reaps Pains Spare Apses Spate Septa Peats Pinta Tapes Pates Tepas Paste Spaes Tries Tares Sties Sites Stare Resat Rates Nates Neats Stane Etnas Aster Tinea Rites Tiers Resit Snits Rises Sires Tires Anise Asset Tasse Rests Tress Seats Sates Easts Intis Entia Nerts Rents Tenia Stern Terns Trans Nests Tarns Rants Tears Antes Inert Inter Niter Nitre Tarsi Stria Snare Saner Trine Nears Inset Neist Sitar Saris Astir Nares Earns Sines Sarin Ranis Risen Serin Rinse Resin Stair Reins Siren Stirs Tains Rains Stain Satin Airns Naris Senti Nites Tsars Sasin Trass Sanes Sains Irate Rases Stein Stars Nisei Sensa Arsis Arise Raise Serai Retia Sears Riant Antre Train Tines Satis Terai Issei Antis Saint Arses Airts

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Definition of the word Antipyresis, Meaning of Antipyresis word :
n. - The condition or state of being free from fever.

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