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Porch Chops Pouch Chapt Pooch Parch Chaps Patch Poach Caphs Punch Pacha Paths Thorp Staph Prahu Hocus Sharp Phuts Phono Hoops Phots Poohs Torch Harps Nucha Rotch Photo Touch Natch Chant Cohos Opahs Crush Couth Chars Crash Ranch Ratch Tophs Notch Roach Orach Phons Chaos Pasha Churn Chats Chart Achoo Nacho Tachs Ancho Ouphs Sauch Craps Scrap Pacts Scoop Scarp Coops Scaup Caput Carps Crops Corps Coopt Croup Coups Pacas Uncap Capon Copra Coapt Capos Thorn North Shoon Hansa Horns Haars Honor Arhat Shorn Sooth Thous Hoots Haunt Unhat Shoot Snath Sharn Hants Routh Hours Short South Shout Horst Hurst Harts Tahrs Shunt Hunts Trash Surah Hoars Thoro Torah Horas Ruths Shoat Ortho Oaths Hosta Hurts Corns Coons Scorn Conto Cornu Count Uncos Curns Conus Cunts Croon Punto Porns Puton Spurn Proso Punts Spoon Porno Snoop Poons Sopor Spoor Pouts Roups Spout Stoup Turps Spurt Pours Strop Stoop Troop Topos Ports Sport Prost Curst Crust Scoot Torcs Scour Scout Court Coots Strap Octan Carts Canto Cotan Unapt Punas Apart Ataps Paras Scart Pants Praos Ascot Coast Taroc Coats Costa Sapor Proas Aport Tacos Napas Pasta Arcus Narco Racon Scuta Acorn Panto Apron Tapas Scaur Canso Parts Tarps Traps Stupa Sputa Canst Cants Pruta Praus Actor Orcas Scant Carat Supra Sacra Prats Sprat Narcs Carns Snout Roust Routs Anoas Stour Torus Tours Torso Toros Snort Tonus Sauna Aorta Toons Auras Snoot Runts Turns Saran Roost Roots Rotos Antra Ratan Antas Ruana Trans Tarns Rants Rotas Tunas Roast Ratos Aunts Sorta Autos Taros Toras Arson Roans Trona Tauon Sutra Santo Sonar

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Definition of the word Anthocarpous, Meaning of Anthocarpous word :
a. - Having some portion of the floral envelopes attached to the pericarp to form the fruit, as in the checkerberry, the mulberry, and the pineapple.

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