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Dicty Yclad Acidy Candy Canty Lytic Cyans Cloys Cysts Octyl Cyton Coaly Syncs Scaly Clays Acyls Cyano Cissy Yonic Sloyd Daily Ditsy Adyta Sandy Sadly Sayid Synod Doily Daisy Lindy Donsy Toady Today Idyls Odyls Dolci Discs Sonly Dicot Clods Disco Sodic Sonsy Lossy Colds Scold Codas Ayins Atony Noily Lysin Aliya Silty Styli Linty Antsy Nasty Stony Assay Satay Laity Soyas Tansy Nyala Noisy Asyla Onlay Lysis Salty Slaty Lyssa Sylis Slays Yonis Octad Scald Stays Clads Scads Dicta Acold Canid Cnida Nicad Inlay Alcid Sayst Acids Layin Asdic Cadis Caids Lotic Coils Colin Nicol Colas Clans Costs Calos Coals Scots Cains Actin Antic Coati Octal Cotan Octan Scans Canst Canto Canso Class Clast Talcs Tical Salic Linac Laics Cants Tonic Ontic Stoic Scant Casas Coala Canal Cions Sonic Scion Icons Coins Costa Tacos Colts Coats Coast Socas Ascot Scats Casts Clots Clons Cists Solid Doits Silds Tondi Odist Dints Dolts Dinos Idols Diols Lidos Sloid Loids Indol Soldi Donas Adios Toads Doats Tsadi Staid Nidal Lands Nodal Ditas Adits Tidal Danio Dials Sadis Saids Loads Dotal Datos Sodas Stand Sands Nadas Salad Naiad Aland Lanai Liana Salsa Atlas Talas Natal Nalas Alant Assai Alans Anlas Antas Anoas Alias Nasal Snots Toils Noils Tails Loins Snits Soils Oasts Stoas Lions Salon Alist Sisal Altos Litas Tolas Linos Lists Silts Silos Sains Lints Oasis Loans Ossia Iotas Satis Stoai Ostia Santo Slats Saint Antis Sasin Satin Lasts Tains Stain Salts Sials Lotas Tolan Tonal Sails Slant Talon Notal Nails Aloin Slain Snail Lassi Lasso Anils Slits Solan Slots

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Definition of the word Anisodactyls, Meaning of Anisodactyls word :
n. pl. - A group of herbivorous mammals characterized by having the hoofs in a single series around the foot, as the elephant, rhinoceros, etc.

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