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Fugio Gifts Gulfs Gonof Fagot Golfs Flogs Flong Flung Gonif Fling Fungi Fugus Fagin Fugal Fangs Goofs Flags Fungo Ganof Foist Fists Fossa Floss Loofs Fools Sifts Unfit Finos Fusil Foins Infos Sofas Lofts Fouls Snafu Flats Fauns Tofus Fonts Flout Sulfo Lifts Afoot Fount Softs Foots Futon Flits Final Loafs Foals Folia Fiats Flans Aloof Loofa Faint Alifs Fails Naifs Fasts Folio Flint Tufas Filos Foils Fatso Softa Afoul Finis Aloft Float Flota Sulfa Fault Fanos Staig Gists Gaits Gusts Gusto Gauss Logon Stags Gouts Gasts Outgo Sagos Goats Suing Tings Sting Togas Agios Agist Sigil Using Longs Tungs Glout Along Slugs Gluts Logos Gloss Slogs Glost Anglo Slung Tongs Songs Logan Stung Snugs Ungot Lungs Goons Gluon Snogs Giant Glans Tonga Slang Tango Guano Angst Snags Ingot Gonia Lings Sling Guilt Gault Logoi Slags Gilts Iglus Glass Igloo Agons Gaols Goals Gloat Lungi Glint Sigla Tigon Gnats Tangs Align Algin Sings Gaunt Guans Signs Signa Liang Ligan Stang Logia Glias Linga Login Lingo Gains Stoas Slats Sauls Lunts Solon Snool Solos Loots Stool Sotol Lotos Nolos Loons Nisus Snits Slits Sinus Suint Suits Situs Units Tools Slots Snots Toons Snoot Snout Tonus Ousts Soots Stuns Sulus Lusus Lotus Souls Solus Louts Tolus Sluts Lusts Silts Lists Until Unlit Lints Olios Silos Louis Toils Soils Noils Loins Salts Intis Lasts Lions Linos Saint Tauon Satin Tolan Anils Aunts Snail Slain Nails Aloin Stain Unaus Notal Oasis Santo Aioli Talon Tains Unais Litai Tonal Oasts Sains Sasin Lasso Altos Ulans Ulnas Lunas Slant Lotas Tolas Sials Sails Lassi Antis Sisal Tunas Tails Litas Alist Ossia Stoai Salon Satis Sault Loans Usual Luaus Talus Iotas Ostia Autos Solan

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Definition of the word Angustifolious, Meaning of Angustifolious word :
a. - Having narrow leaves.

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