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Dimly Mayed Madly Tryma Meany Malty Yamen Limey Mealy Melty Meaty Minty Marly Milty Mylar Manly Meiny Etyma Mayan Amity Matey Yield Leady Delay Layed Rayed Ready Deray Deary Randy Rindy Lyard Lardy Tyned Tyred Drily Lindy Tardy Nerdy Deity Daily Adyta Redly Dynel Dairy Yaird Diary Dirty Named Madre Mated Tamed Armed Dream Derma Liney Menad Diram Riley Admit Rainy Linty Limed Lyart Dimer Adman Entry Nyala Daman Relay Timed Demit Early Alary Maned Layer Teary Drama Damar Aliya Leary Rimed Yenta Laity Mired Denim Lamed Medal Mined Riyal Amend Yearn Admen Layin Media Inlay Aimed Amide Ramie Ramet Tamer Inarm Menta Mater Leman Armet Matin Mitre Amine Realm Anime Metal Minae Liman Namer Miter Reman Merit Meant Ament Remit Lamer Ramen Timer Aimer Manat Atman Manta Arame Lamia Miler Limen Malar Alarm Ramal Tamal Amnia Amain Anima Mania Maria Miner Email Maile Trend Tried Riled Diner Idler Tilde Lined Tiled Tired Tined Teind Aider Aired Ideal Ailed Deair Irade Nidal Denar Drail Laird Lated Liard Redan Anted Trade Tread Tared Rated Dater Derat Delta Dealt Nadir Laden Eland Ranid Triad Redia Naled Drain Tidal Lidar Lader Alder Dinar Naiad Aland Atria Raita Naira Laari Altar Natal Artal Lanai Talar Ratal Liner Alant Tiara Ratan Antra Riata Areal Terai Inert Inter Trail Trial Niter Retia Irate Train Ariel Liane Riant Telia Tinea Tenia Entia Nitre Trine Taler Ratel Later Artel Alter Learn Alane Renal Laten Alert Leant Elain Anile Antre Anear Arena Antae Liter Litre Liana Alate Tiler Relit Elint Inlet Reata Aline Alien

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Definition of the word Aldermanity, Meaning of Aldermanity word :
n. - Aldermen collectively, the body of aldermen.

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