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Wacke Wreck Wrack Wacko Waked Krewe Coked Woken Wreak Gecko Waker Awoke Knawe Waken Dreck Caked Ocker Clerk Crowd Creek Cowed Cleek Cawed Kedge Creak Ackee Clonk Croak Crank Crake Cloak Clank Cower Raked Crown Knead Waged Laked Klong Kneed Crawl Drake Clown Naked Drank Gleek Wodge Kendo Wedge Greek Drawn Drawl Rewed Adown Wedel Akene Wrang Wagon Gowan Aglow Cadge Caged Oaken Laker Krona Ankle Wager Rakee Woald Waled Weald Lawed World Dewan Dawen Awned Ngwee Krone Drown Wared Growl Grown Wader Owned Waned Endow Kneel Wrong Dowel Kerne Lowed Dewar Dower Rowed Newer Acned Cored Coder Credo Decor Rewan Renew Conge Glace Newel Waler Cager Rowen Rewon Rowan Owner Rowel Coled Dolce Laced Coden Decal Clade Grace Creed Cered Ceder Lower Cargo Conga Clang Coned Cared Cedar Raced Cadre Caned Acred Arced Dance Acold Ogled Gored Lodge Glede Creel Clone Ceorl Recon Crone Edger Geode Gleed Ledge Greed Raged Grade Glade Narco Acorn Coral Claro Racon Grand Gonad Donga Gland Carol Lacer Clear Caner Ocean Canoe Carle Lance Clean Crane Nacre Rance Ocrea Loden Genro Goner Nodal Older Aglee Elder Eagle Agene Donee Ender Adorn Andro Erode Radon Oread Green Genre Leger Naled Laden Eland Eared Anode Denar Redan Redon Oared Adore Lader Alder Longe Ogler Drone Olden Glean Argle Lager Glare Anger Logan Gnarl Algor Anglo Along Angle Angel Agone Regna Range Genoa Regal Large Agree Argol Organ Orang Argon Goral Groan Ragee Largo Eagre Eager Anole Renal Alone Loran Nerol Enrol Loner Leone Learn Arene Ranee Anele Laree

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Definition of the word Acknowledger, Meaning of Acknowledger word :
n. - One who acknowledges.

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