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Psych Campy Champ Chomp Sophy Hypos Myths Chays Yacht Mashy Harpy Chary Ochry Mothy Oomph Poach Cymas Parch Cymar Chops Crypt Mooch Caphs Pacha Chaps Chapt Patch Porch Copay Macho Mocha Pooch Schmo Match Morph Spacy Machs Chasm Charm March Chams Rhyta Scamp Camps Cramp Yahoo Hoary Hoyas Comps Hooty Hasty Ayahs Compo Horsy Rayah Campo Compt Moory Marsh Roomy Scary Tharm Maths Harms Payor Thorp Tryma Atomy Homos Mayos Prays Mayor Tophs Moray Phots Photo Atopy Paths Staph Sharp Harps Mayst Soapy Poohs Moths Hoops Opahs Achoo Orach Roach Chaos Patsy Torch Prosy Chars Raspy Amahs Pasha Tachs Crash Chart Ratch Chats Pyros Pasty Typos Potsy Party Mayas Cohos Rotch Spray Tamps Macro Praam Carom Stamp Camos Prams Ramps Tramp Stomp Tromp Coops Romps Corms Carps Scoop Pacts Proms Coopt Corps Crops Craps Promo Scarp Pomos Scrap Crams Marcs Scram Comas Capos Camas Coapt Copra Pacas Satyr Stray Trays Artsy Ortho Tyros Troys Arhat Haars Stroy Story Sooty Rooty Satay Rayas Toyos Ryots Tahrs Harts Trash Horst Short Shoat Hoars Shoot Hoots Torah Horas Hosta Sooth Oaths Thoro Prost Ports Sport Strop Torcs Moors Morts Storm Motor Moots Scoot Coots Proso Sopor Rooms Stoop Topos Spoor Troop Sapor Strap Tarps Traps Sprat Parts Prats Apart Paras Ataps Pasta Carts Tapas Proas Praos Aport Coats Coast Ascot Taroc Tacos Costa Orcas Actor Aroma Moras Roams Sacra Atoms Amort Carat Moats Stoma Omasa Marts Smart Trams Atmas Scart Maras Maars Aorta Roost Roots Rotos Torso Toros Ratos Taros Sorta Rotas Roast Toras

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Definition of the word Achromatopsy, Meaning of Achromatopsy word :
n. - Color blindness, inability to distinguish colors, Daltonism.

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