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Busman Numbat Bename Sambos Bemuse Busmen Besoms Emboss Entomb Biomes Bemean Bemist Sebums Imbues Betime Nimbus Submit Intomb Bemoan Besmut Batmen Iambus Ambits Manito Beasts Mesnes Semens Toneme Bastes Amnios Tamein Meanie Emetin Emesis Maists Beauts Autism Miaous Manitu Matins Mantis Abuses Subsea Animus Basset Basest Minuet Minute Inseam Mesian Mutine Mioses Biases Somite Animes Semina Beanos Emotes Messes Basses Unmeet Neumes Tmeses Mustee Butane Absent Monies Eonism Bentos Betons Nubias Biotas Busies Stomas Sabins Outman Amount Bosses Subnet Basins Etamin Tobies Boasts Besets Butene Sabots Betise Bassos Tabuns Boites Sobeit Inmate Batons Obsess Besots Anomie Basion Subito Sesame Bosuns Bionts Bisons Masons Buteos Somans Tomans Bouses Obtuse Busses Bonsai Bonita Obtain Subset Amines Menses Beaten Ostium Assume Amuses Steams Beanie Meatus Mutase Mousse Mouses Manses Masses Stamen Unseam Sensum Mantes Mounts Mutons Aments Mosses Messan Mensas Missus Mesons Sabine Untame Montes Samite Misuse Inmost Monist Seamen Omenta Tmesis Stimes Seisms Misses Binate Misset Smites Mensae Musses Miseat Misate Enemas Unseat Anuses Usneas Outsee Stases Assets Assess Sasses Sanest Season Snouts Sansei Assent Teases Atones Sanies Seises Anises Seines Sensei Senses Enosis Tenses Ensues Tasses Setose Tenues Nesses Sautes Eosine Ossein Susses Tusses Tassie Siesta Touses Setous Tosses Souses Easies Teniae Auntie Unsets Setons Onsets Stenos Stones Onuses Nouses Tisane Tineas Steins Insets Tussis Tenuis Unites Suints Sisses Unties Noises Noesis Essoin Sunset Sonsie Outsin Issues Tenias Tissue Suites Seitan Eosins Stanes Sateen Enates Stasis Senate Unease Satins Stains Assist Aeneus Tauons Santos Saints Sasins

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Imbue Biome Numbs Umbos Tombs Besom Sebum Ambos Sambo Iambs Bimas Mabes Beams Bemas Ambit Minus Besot Mists Mints Nabis Basin Anime Minae Nubia Munis Butes Buteo Sabin Moist Omits Bouse Misos Onium Bento Bents Beton Buses Bests Tubes Bites Beses Obese Boast Boats Beets Beset Bunas Tabun Basso Sobas Botas Benes Subas Abuts Tabus Tsuba Stabs Basts Sabot About Stums Bines Baton Bassi Isbas Baits Basis Biota Bones Obias Muons Amine Mount Mosts Sumos Musts Smuts Notum Boite Muton Bises Ebons Snobs Seems Emote Neume Semes Teems Metes Meets Sabes Meson Mense Mesne Tubas Semen Neems Emeus Metis Mines Miens Banes Beano Items Seism Semis Emits Beans Nabes Monie Times Stime Mites Smite Bases Nomes Omens Smote Tomes Meous Motes Bonus Moste Mises Moues Mouse Muses Bison Mutes Stems Biont Obits Bints Snibs Bosun Bunts Bates Beast Neums Beats Baste Abets Monte Menus Unmet Betas Stubs Busts Bouts Stobs Tubae Beaut Tabes Abuse Beaus Snubs Manus Toman Menta Meant Ament Masse Maist Mason Manos Moans Monas Soman Nomas Somas Atoms Masts Manes Amens Enema Manse Means Stoma Moats Nemas Names Mensa Seams Mates Amins Mains Minas Simas Tamis Amiss Miaou Matin Amnio Amino Teams Amuse Tames Steam Meats Satem Mauts Mesas Amies Suits Situs Saute Enate Units Sains Sasin Sites Suite Sties Etuis Issue Oasts Tunes Unset Entia Stoas Nests Tenia Aunts Suets Touse Tinea Tunas Souse Seine Ensue Nisus Sinus Snits Autos Noses Sises Suint Sones Santo Seton Steno Stone Tones Onset Notes Seise Tauon Setae Tease Oaten Atone Stain Eaten Stoss Asses Oasis Ossia Snots Tains Antis Saint Satin Aeons Sanes Sensa Usnea Stane Neats Nates Toeas Stoae Unais Stuns Oases Etnas Antes Eases Esnes Sense Tonus Snout Inset Neist Sente Seats Satis Anise Nites Senti Unite Untie Tasse Tense Stein Teens Tines Sates Sines Easts Stoai Esses Noise Eosin Ousts Iotas Ostia Asset

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Definition of the word Abstemiousness, Meaning of Abstemiousness word :
n. - The quality of being abstemious, temperate, or sparing in the use of food and strong drinks. It expresses a greater degree of abstinence than temperance.

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